$22 an Hour Is How Much a Year? Can I Live On It?

Whether $22 is a living wage or not depends on many factors, including the cost of living in the area where you live. Plus, if you have other income sources — such as a spouse’s job, government assistance, or investment income — that could mean the difference between making ends meet and struggling. 💲💲

For a better estimate, let’s first calculate $22 an hour is how much a year?💸💸 We also talk about ways to make extra money on the side. 

$22 an hour is how much a year?

To make the most out of your income, we need to know how it looks for different pay periods. That means $22 an hour is how much a year, a day, a week, a month, etc. 

The breakdown will help you schedule your spending and budget and plan according to your earnings.💲💰

So, here’s how it looks for the different pay periods:📅

  • $22 an hour makes: ($22 * 8 hours) = $176 per day ✅
  • $22 an hour makes: ($22 * 40 hours) = $880 per week ✅
  • $22 an hour makes: ($22 * 80 hours) = $1,760 biweekly ✅
  • $22 an hour makes: ($22 * 2080 hours/ 12 months) = $3,813 per month ✅
  • $22 an hour makes: ($3,467 * 12 months) = $45,756 per year ✅

Regardless, make note that this is only the gross income. The actual money you pocket is subject to taxes, etc.💰💰

With an income of $45,756 annually, you may expect taxes to be approximately 15%. So, you will pay about $6,863 as tax. 📜💲

This tax constitutes the federal income tax, medicare payment, and social security. Now, if you live in a state where they collect state taxes, you will be charged an additional.💲💰

Is $22 per hour enough to live?🧐🧐

There’s no straight answer to the question. However, depending on various factors, we can safely say it’s a “maybe.”

A lot depends on where you live, your expenses and lifestyle, and other requirements.🧑‍💻🏠🧑‍💼

In most instances, $22 per hour is not enough to live on your own and cover all living costs such as rent, bills, groceries, etc. If you’re living in an expensive city, you’ll probably need to supplement your income with additional sources such as side jobs or freelance work..💰✅

The verdict? 💵⏱️

Yes, you may be able to live making $22 only an hour in most states in the US. However, there is a cost; you may have to let go of luxuries and a few necessities to make it work.

On the contrary, if you live in states like San Francisco, New York, or California, making ends meet on such a tight budget will be hard.❌😥

How can you make more money if $22 an hour is not enough😥🤔

One way to make more money if $22 an hour is not enough is to look for other job opportunities. Consider looking into jobs with higher pay or searching for a job in a different field. 

You can also look into freelance work or contract jobs that pay higher rates per hour than your current job. You may also consider investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other investments that could lead to higher returns over time. ✅

1. Taking surveys🤑💻

If you wish to make some extra bucks taking surveys online is simple, fast, and an easy way to do so without much effort or expertise! All you have to do is spend a few hours a day on your laptop and take easy surveys on platforms like:

These platforms offer you a variety of surveys that can help you make some extra money in your free time. 

They also have a point system where you get rewarded for taking surveys and completing tasks, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. The more you engage with the platform, the more rewards you receive. .💷🤑

Let’s take a look at the top three survey sites that’ll get you some hard cash:💸💸

Survey Junkie🤓💻

One of the top legit sites for making money online via surveys is Survey Junkie. The platform has an easy-to-use, attractive interface, and the payment method is simple. The platform has over 20 million members today and lists surveys from various categories to suit diverse consumer groups. 💻

You can get started by signing up with Survey Junkie and creating a profile that includes information about your interests and background. This helps the platform match you to the right surveys from the pool of available surveys. 📝

Most surveys pay around $1-2, and you will need to complete each survey within 15-20 minutes. The payouts vary depending on the survey length and complexity, but the platform pays out in cash via PayPal or e-gifts. 

Inbox Dollars💻💵

Inbox Dollars has several surveys and minor tasks that users can complete and get paid for.

First, you must sign up on the site (which is simple and easy). Then, you get to pick and choose the tasks available on the site. Various options include watching videos, playing games, product reviews, questionnaires, and short opinion polls.🎮📃

Once you’ve finished a task, you get paid in cash or rewards. You are allowed to redeem your earnings via check, PayPal, or a gift card to popular retailers. 💳

Inbox Dollars also offers other ways to make money, such as cash-back rebates when you shop online. 🤝Finally, you can refer your friends and family to join Inbox Dollars in order to earn a commission. 


Another popular platform for earning money via surveys and a host of other activities is Swagbucks. You can play games, stream ads, watch videos, write product reviews, and even be part of focus groups to maximize your earnings. 

  • You get a $5 bonus simply for becoming a member.
  • Earn cashback and discounts by undertaking different online tasks via their app.
  • You can also get discounts shopping from brands that partner with Swagbucks.
  • Payment is made through PayPal and gift cards🎁

2. Playing games🎯🎮

If you’re still low on the thought that $22 an hour is how much a year? For really it isn’t much! So here’s another way to earn money while having fun: Get paid to play games!

The idea of getting paid to play video games sounds like a dream come true. After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid to do what they love? Fortunately, there are many ways to make money playing video games. 

Here are some known platforms you can check out and earn while you have fun.

Bingo Cash💵

Bingo Cash is a legit game for making actual money by playing games. The app has a 5-star review and has millions of active players. Earnings are cashed via Paypal, and you can earn as much as $83 for every win!

You can play in tournaments or match numbers and win.


Another place to make easy money is Swagbucks. Take a few minutes to create your profile and start playing games, taking surveys, or browsing hundreds of tasks to earn money.

You can play many games on the Swagbucks app, including trivia and instant win games. You can also get paid to watch videos, search the web, and shop online.

3. Browsing the web – Earn free BAT crypto🪙🪙

There are platforms like ‘Brave’ where you can earn BAT, a Basic Attention Token, and Brave’s cryptocurrency. 

Just download the Brave browser on your device, and you’ll start receiving push notifications for the ads. In the end, your earnings will be stored in the Brave wallet and can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or used for purchases.💳

It’s a fun way to get involved in the world of cryptocurrency while being rewarded for your attention. 

Plus, Brave allows you to customize your settings to block unwanted ads and control your privacy. You can even adjust the frequency and type of notifications you receive. 

4. Reading emails📨

Yes, you can also make money on the go by reading emails! Some top sites you can access are InboxDollars, Branded Surveys, and Inbox Pays. Again the sites are backed by brands who pay the users for simply reading emails they send.📩

Payments are made through Paypal and gift cards.💝🎁

Is $22 an hour good?🤔🤔

If we look at $22 an hour is how much a year, we’d say you’d make about $45,760 a year before taxes. That’s for working 40 hours per week for 52 weeks in a year.

It’s a good salary, but it depends on where you live. In some places, $22 an hour hardly covers basic living costs. In other areas, that same salary could provide a comfortable lifestyle.

Tips to living on $22 an hour🤔💡

Here are some changes you can make to your lifestyle to make $22 a livable wage. 

  • Look up other options to save where you can via carpooling, finding roommates, and using coupons.🧑‍🤝‍🧑📄
  • Try free hobbies instead of expensive ways to spend time. For example, you can try cycling, going to the library, jogging, playing sports, or joining a club.🏃📚
  • Use a budget planner to keep track of expenses.🗓️
  • Opt for home-cooked meals instead of eating out.🍽
  • Shop around for the best deals on items you need. 🛒
  • Look for discount offers and coupons that can save you money. 🤑
  • Buy in bulk to get discounts and save money on the items you need regularly.

Final words😁✅

Now that we know $22 an hour is how much a year, is it a liveable amount in the US? There’s no easy answer to it. There are many variables involved that either make it a good or a hardly livable wage. 💲

So, with some thought and work put in place, making $22 an hour can work!✅ Besides getting a higher-paying job, there are other strategies you can use to increase your hourly income. We have talked about them in the guide above.

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