Branded Surveys Review: Is Branded Surveys Legit?

Have you ever thought of earning an extra income by just expressing your opinion? Branded Surveys is an online survey platform that allows you to earn gifts and cash without leaving your home. 

This vast market research community rewards you for completing different surveys, and you can redeem your points through Branded Pay or PayPal. 

However, is Branded Surveys legit or a scam? Does it deliver what it promises? This Branded Surveys review answers all these burning questions in detail. ⬇️


👍Free signup
👍Easy way to make money
👍It’s legit and it pays
👍Features many surveys
👍User-friendly website


👎Not for people looking for a full-time job
👎Some surveys are too long

What is Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is a platform that rewards its members for completing online surveys. 

Rebranded from Mintivine to Branded Surveys in 2017, this survey site is quite similar to Survey Junkies and Swagbucks. This market research community has a user-friendly website with many surveys 💻 for anyone to take and earn gifts and cash.

What’s more, it also allows you to earn through daily polls. In addition, you can refer the platform to friends and enjoy a few points. 

One of the best things about Branded Surveys is that it doesn’t charge any startup fee. 

Also, the payouts are fast, so it works well for stay-at-home parents, students, and anyone who wants a side hustle. 

Is Branded Surveys legit?👍

Here is the good news. Branded Surveys is legit. As long as you are the right match and finish the surveys correctly, you can easily earn all the points the platform promises. 

Branded Surveys also works with some of the well-reputed research firms. This factor confirms the platform’s authenticity and integrity. 

The official website also features a few reviews from people who have used Branded Surveys. All the testimonials published are authentic. 🥳

Branded Surveys has a B rating, courtesy of Better Business Bureau. 

That said, there are a few negative reviews as well. For example, many people think that the surveys on the platform are too long compared to the points earned. 

How does Branded Surveys work?

In this section of Branded Surveys review, let’s look at how this platform helps you earn.

Here is a step-by-step guide. 

Create a profile 💻

You need to sign up with the community to create a profile. During this process, you will be asked questions regarding your life. 

Make sure you answer as many questions as possible to match a good quantity of surveys. 

The entire sign-up process is user-friendly, and residents from the UK, Canada, and the USA can join through email or their Facebook accounts. 📩

If you choose to use your email address, you should provide information such as your date of birth, gender, address, and demographic characteristics. This information is essential to save you from being disqualified during the matching process. 

Take surveys 🖥️

Once your profile is ready, start taking surveys. The dashboard features various survey options, each with its duration. 

You can earn different points from every survey but make sure to answer each question honestly. Once the input is reviewed💰, the company posts your points as approved. Your points earned then appear on your account💰. 

If you successfully earn 500 points, you can choose to collect these earnings and then spend however you like. 💱

Branded Surveys features various survey types. For instance, you may see surveys on products, brand awareness and consumer insight💰💰💰. 

Branded Surveys makes sure that all answers are shared anonymously with the brands or partners. This practice ensures the privacy of every member. 

How much can you make? 🤑

Does Branded Surveys allow you to earn enough from surveys? The points you earn depend on the complexity of each survey. 

Generally, long surveys can earn you more than short ones💰. 

You can earn 50 to 500 points, and there are no restrictions on the number of surveys to take. 

Each point is worth 1 cent (USD). So, if you do the math, you can earn $10 on 1000 survey points. 💳

Convert points to rewards

Finally, once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them. Branded Surveys either deposits your earnings in your Branded Surveys account or PayPal. 💰

You can also convert these earnings into gift cards. These cards can then be used in various restaurants and shops to avail of discounts across your country. 

If you want to donate your points, Branded Surveys allows you to do that too. You can pick a charity organization and donate your earnings. 

Other ways to earn from Branded Surveys

Besides online surveys, Branded Surveys provides many more opportunities to earn points. 

Here are a few of them in detail. 

Daily polls 🧑‍💻

You can take the daily polls if you want to win extra points daily. These contain a few multiple-choice questions that don’t take long to complete. 

The badge system 🥇

Branded Surveys uses a unique badge system that enables every member to earn bonuses on points earned. As a user, you can increase your badge points by increasing the number of surveys you take every day. 

There are three badge levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The corresponding bonus percentages for each are 5%, 10 to 14%, and 15% to 19%, respectively. 

Poll streak 💸

This one is for those who enjoy taking polls. 

You earn a poll streak and a bonus if you can complete ten polls consecutively. The bonus points you earn every time depends on the badge system level. 

Promotions and partner surveys 🧑‍💼

Branded Surveys works with companies including Offertoro, Adgate, and Adwall. 

These partners provide additional activities and surveys to help you earn more points. The activities may include promotional campaigns for services and products. 

You can participate in these additional surveys to earn up to 1000 points!

Elite referral program 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

The referral program at Branded Surveys allows you to earn extra points based on your friends’ earnings🧑‍🤝‍🧑

You can earn points by inviting your friends to join Branded Surveys and enjoy some referral bonus points. If you are on a high badge level, you can earn many points through this method. 

Brand Surveys also has a loyalty program. If you progress through it, the chances of earning more points increase significantly🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Local deals 🛒

With Branded Surveys, you can enjoy local deals offered by affiliated businesses. The dashboard features rewards and deals by local businesses in your area. 

Leaderboard ranking 📊

Branded Survey has an interesting “Leaderboard” feature📈. 

This one displays the ranking of all the members as per their earnings. You can compare your daily, weekly, and monthly performances with other users and aim for a high ranking. 

You can be among the top 50 members and earn points respectively. 

For instance, if you are among the top daily 50 members, you can earn 50 points. Similarly, being among the top 20 monthly members will help you earn 300 points. 

What we like about Branded Surveys 🤑🤑

Branded Surveys is an excellent platform with many great features. 

  • It is an excellent survey site with many opportunities to offer. You can take surveys that suit your understanding and intellectual levels to earn as many points as possible. 
  • Even if you are disqualified from a survey, you earn a point. That’s how generous Brand Surveys is!🤩
  • The flow of surveys is pretty steady. This means you don’t have to wait for long to hop from one survey to another.
  • The Branded Surveys’ website is pretty user-friendly and quick to navigate. You can also find blogs and company policies for any extra information you may require.🧑‍💼
  • Branded Surveys allows you to earn points without taking surveys. For instance, you can participate in daily polls or refer a friend to gain rewards. 
  • You can redeem the points in more than one way. This allows you the flexibility to use your earnings however you prefer. 🛍️
  • This platform is legitimate, with authentic member reviews published on the website. It also has a B rating from Better Business Bureau, confirming its authenticity.  

What we don’t like about Branded Surveys ❌😵

Branded Surveys has a few drawbacks. 

  • Since this is a survey site, don’t expect it to replace your regular job.👎 Such platforms don’t pay much. Each point earned is only equal to 1 cent, which means you will have to take a lot of these surveys to gain a good amount. 
  • The points accumulated may take more than a week to approve. So, if you require instant funds, spending time on Branded Surveys may not be of any help. 
  • You can only earn around three points when disqualified.
  • If a survey’s quota has been met, you might get disqualified even if you have already started filling it out.

Should you use Branded Surveys?💲

If you are a casual internet user looking for opportunities to earn some passive income, Branded Surveys is an excellent platform for you. 

It can’t replace a full-time job, but it can support you to earn some gift cards and extra money🎁. It won’t help you earn a living, but it can add some value to your bank account.  

Branded Surveys is also a good site for people who want to learn something through these surveys.  💻 💻

It also allows people to register their opinions with brands to create services and products based on consumer preferences. 🤩🤩

Final words 💸

Sites such as Survey Junkies and Swagbucks are pretty helpful when it comes to earning some passive income. Branded Surveys is a similar platform that allows you to earn some extra bucks by just filling out a few surveys online. 💻

It also provides a convenient way to enjoy some rewards after completing entertaining surveys. 💸💸

While it isn’t appropriate to earn instant funds, the payout procedure at Branded Surveys is faster than most online survey sites.

So, if you are looking for a side hustle🚀 during your holiday or while you work full-time, Branded Surveys review might have helped you find a worthy platform. 🤩

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