Find a Coin Machine Near Me (+ Skip The Fees)

Whether you have some outstanding coins in your hand or money saved up in the kids’ piggy bank, if you are looking for a coin machine near me, here’s how to find one – without paying the fee!😁😃

So we did a little research, and here we are with the top places where you can cash your coins for free.

Best places to encash coins – for free!🪙💵

There are many ways you can opt to encash your coins. While most of them charge you a fee, quite a few are free. Do some homework and call or get an appointment before you walk in.🤓

1. Banks🏦

Most banks charge a fee for using the counter machines and exchanging your coins for cash. However, if you can go in with sorted currency, organized in paper wrappers as rolls, you can get it cashed for free at a few banks.

Some of the banks which still have coin counters are:💰🪙

  • State Bank of Dekalb🏦
  • First County Bank🏦🤩
  • American Eagle Credit Union🇺🇸🦅
  • Apple River State Bank🍎🌊
  • Hancock County Savings Bank💰🏦
  • JBT Bank🏦💲
  • Manasquan Bank💵💵
  • Westerra Credit Union💶💷

All these provide free counting for all their customers only. Walk-in customers may have to pay a certain (5-10% fee) for counting the coins.🪙🗓️

2. Bank of America🏦

Bank of America has several branches all over the US. So whether you are their customer or not, you can still approach the counter and ask them to cash your coins. 

Make sure they are sorted and rolled and hand them to the cashier. The cashier will count and give you the amount of cash they’re worth without a fee!🆓😃

3. Wells Fargo🏦💲

Another bank you can easily look up is Wells Fargo bank, where you can walk in to encash your coins. However, you need to have an account with the bank to get the coins encashed, but the service is free.😃😃

4. US Bank🏦

If you don’t have the time and don’t want to go through the hassle of rolling your coins, take them to the US bank instead. The bank sorts, wraps, and rolls the coins for the customers. 

So if you have a sack full of clinking metal, bring it here and let them do the hard work for you.🧑‍💼🧑‍💼

Also, the service is free here as well!😬

5. Community Savings Bank🏘️🏦

Community Savings bank is a regional bank where you can take your coins and exchange them for free. You do not have to be a member of the bank. However, not all branches count and encash the coins for free. 💵

Make sure to call in first to ask if the service is available at the branch near you.📞🤙

6. QuikTrip⛽⛽

Present in about 11 states today, QuikTrip gas stations have 800 locations over the US. They provide free service right now for exchanging coins no matter the quantity.💰💰

You just have to check if there’s a QuikTrip coin machine near me and step out to exchange your coins for some hard cash.💵💵

7. Western Credit Union 💶💷

Western Credit Union offers a range of services for its members. One priority service available at their counters is coin encashment. However, to cash your coins, you have to be a member of the bank.🏦

Also, the service is free, so unlike other banks or Coinstar (we’re getting to what that is), where you have to pay the processing fee, there are no deductibles at Western Union!

8. Coinstar🪙🌟

Today, Coinstar machines are the most accessible option for cashing coins. So if you have a bottle of coins locked up, it’s the right time to go and get some hard cash for those coins via Coinstar.💵

The kiosk machine counts the coins, converts them to dollars, and pays out cash. It also charges a certain fee for the service but helps get your wallet in a better shape.👛✅

You’ll find many green kiosks inside malls, shops, markets, and retail stores. If you have coins with you, just go up to the machine, and place them inside. It’ll show you the worth and let you get the cash, eGift card, or a donation to charity per your choice.🤔😃

Coinstar usually charges an 11.9% fee for the coin conversion, but it varies per location. However, the eGift cards are completely free. In addition, various Coinstar promotions are also held occasionally, making you eligible for bonus credit. 

Usually, this happens when you place a certain sum of coins into the machine.📠🏧

How Coinstar works📠🪙

To encash your coins, you first have to search: coin machine near me. Click here to find the nearest Coinstar kiosk!🏧📲

Then just grab your coins, and make sure they are clean. That is, they shouldn’t be soiled, dirty, and without any marks that could prevent the machine from reading their value. Approach the machine and place your coins into the tray.🪙📥

  • Once the machine has counted the coins, it’ll display the total amount or worth.💲💲
  • Select the option for exchange; cash, eGift cards, or charity donation.🎁🤝
  • Accept the terms and conditions.🤝
  • If you select cash, you’ll get a voucher, which you can redeem and encash at the counter📠
  • If you choose the gift card, you’ll get a receipt for using it at the selected merchant.🏬🛍️
  • The amount will be directly deducted for donations, and you’ll get a receipt for taxation purposes.👩‍💻
  • If any of the coins are rejected, you’ll get them back through the slot at the bottom.🎰

Coinstar fees🪙🌟

The only drawback of this facility is that Coinstar charges a certain fee for the exchange. ✅💲

  • To encash the coins, you may be charged about an 11.9% fee💸💸
  • Charity may be charged at 7% 💸
  • While the eGift cards are free🎁✅✅

The rates for the processing fee vary by location.🌍🌏

Maximum amount allowed at Coinstar

All Coinstar machines have an upper limit of $2000 for one transaction. So if you have over $2000 worth of coins (take a bow!), you can do multiple transactions over the same kiosks. There’s no limit to the number of transactions.💵

Frequently asked questions💵🪙

Here are some FAQs for Coinstar that’ll help you understand the service better.

Where can I find coin machine near me?🪙🤔

You’ll find the majority of these Coinstar kiosks at malls, grocery stores, and retailers like:🏪🏬

  • Walmart✅
  • Tom Thumb✅
  • Ralphs✅
  • Hannaford✅
  • CVS✅
  • Albertsons✅
  • Winco, etc.✅

Where can I redeem my Coinstar gift cards?🎁🎴

If you vouch for the gift cards, you can redeem them at various merchants like 💲💲

  • Apple🍎
  • Amazon👩‍💻
  • Dominos🍕
  • Starbucks☕
  • GAP👕
  • Banana Republic🍌👔
  • SouthWest Airlines✈️
  • Nike👟
  • Kroger, etc.✅

As for the donations, you can make charitable contributions to:😇👼

  • American Red Cross🚑
  • Make-A-Wish👼
  • World Wildlife Foundation🐼

How to avoid processing fees at Coinstar?🤔🤩

Since paying extra money, no matter how small the fee, seems unwise and annoying, there’s  a way you can avoid it 100%!🆓😃

Instead of going for the cash, get the eGift cards instead! Why not make the most of those cents and pennies when you can instead of wasting them over this fee?💸❌

The eGift cards are redeemable at 23 locations (Check here for the complete list). However, there’s a catch: not all the kiosks have gift cards for all the dealers. So, it’s wise to Google the place before you head out with all the clinking coins.🪙🪙

Look up the coin machine near me, enter your zip code, and find the most accessible machine. Then, go to the eGift card icon and click to look at the available gift card brands. You may also lookup another kiosk if the location doesn’t have the brand you want.  


If you ever find yourself stuck in a situation with many coins, the first thing to do is to Google: Coin machine near me. Then either head to the nearest bank that offers exchange or an outlet with a Coinstar machine and get them converted to bills.💵💵

However, the best way to avoid fees or additional overheads is to grab a few eGift vouchers from the Coinstar Kiosk. You may also get them converted through a bank kind enough not to charge you for the service.👍

Wherever you do, just don’t hold on to them; you won’t know what they’re worth until you try!😃✅

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