9 Best Consignment Stores Near Me [2023 Complete Guide]

Are you looking for a last-minute spot for some fashionwear? Consignment stores are popular resale shops selling all items like clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other household articles at discounted prices. 

They are also great places to sell off or exchange the clothes and accessories you no longer need.💎💍👗

Just Google or ask Alexa to find the “consignment stores near me” and set out to sell or get unique products at great prices.💵🤑

What are consignment stores?🏬🏪

Consignment stores are resale outlets that sell second-hand items. The original owners receive a major part of the resale price for their products sold at these stores. So you can walk in, as a seller or a buyer, and find the best deals for apparel, clothes, shoes, and other accessories.👞👠

Although selling last year’s stock or items you no longer need or wear won’t make a fortune overnight, it can get you good bucks. The only conditions to sell your items are:✅✅

  • Whatever you bring to sell should be clean👍
  • All items must be in good condition💯
  • Better bring items that are still in fashion👗👚
  • You have to be over 18 years old🆔
  • Keep your ID or driving license💳
  • Also, take receipts and authentication certificates for the items you sell

Once the store checks and approves your items, you may be asked to sign a contract. Therein will be details like the percentage of the sales price divided between you and the store, the time to sell it, whether you wish to donate it to charity if not sold within the timeline, etc.⏰

Thrift stores vs. consignment stores🤔🤔

Many people think thrift stores and consignment stores are the same. However, both work on different business models, although their products may be the same. The key difference is that thrift stores get all items as charity or donation, unlike the consignment stores where the owners sell them.🧦🧥

So, of course, the conditions differ significantly. Thrift store items may be damaged, unclean, outdated, or belong to the lower-class brands’ category.👎🙅

Whereas at consignment stores, the products sold are in good condition (Usually good as new) and come from well-known brands. Hence the prices too (depending on the condition) are close to the retail prices of the products. 💲💲

How to shop at consignment stores?🤔🏬

Shopping at a consignment store is much like shopping at a thrift store. You have to look around, really get into the store to find what you need. 

So if you go in with specifics in mind, like, say you want a cocktail dress, you may have to look hard and often get back disappointed.😥😥

Then there’s also the size issue that needs to be looked into. You may not always be able to find the right size. However, some stores are pretty inclusive and keep all sizes to cater to their vast array of customers.👨‍🎨👱

Types of consignment stores🤔🤓

Like the other business models, consignment stores today have physical brick-and-mortar outlets and an online presence.👨‍💻🧱

First, check out the best and most famous online consignment stores.👨‍💻👩‍💻

Best consignment stores near me – online🧐🧐

Consignment stores are widespread today; you will likely find many of them when you look up: consignment stores near me

However, instead of going to the stores, you can also avail yourself of the convenience of shopping/selling at online stores. 😀

Plus, if you live in a far-off area where access to such stores may be challenging, online stores offer easy shopping and opportunities for all. Here are some of the best options to check out and get the same experience shopping as selling at any brick-and-mortar consignment store.🤝🤝

1. Poshmark👍✅

Poshmark is a luxury fashion wear consignment store. The store can be accessed via an app (downloadable on Android, iOS, and desktop PCs.) The store lists high, and middle-tier branded clothes, shoes, and bags.👠👛

The platform is easy to use, with filters and customizable options to look up and sell your items.✅

Here’s how the platform works:

  • Snap a good picture of your product📸
  • Post the picture with a few details on the app👩‍💻
  • Every listing on the app will be charged a fee as follows:💲💲
    • For a product worth $15, the fee charged will be $2.95
    • For a product worth over $15, the fee charged will be 20%
  • When you receive an order for your product, you just have to stick the shipping label that Poshmark sends you and ship it to the customer.📮

2. ThredUP👍🆙

ThredUP is a world-renowned platform for buying and selling quality apparel and clothing for the young and old. It also lists maternity, fashion, and luxury wear for women.⌚👜

All the items listed here are affordable and of good quality. Plus, you also get free shipping for products sold over $79. You can also find brands like J. Crew, Marc Jacobs, Gap, Kate Spade, and Old Navy.👗👠

If you have a bulk of items you wish to sell, ThredUp is the right place for you. The World’s Largest Consignment store lists millions of products for women and children of all ages. All product prices are marked and fixed.🌎🏪

The company inspects the items via a 12-point inspection process and puts them on the list to be sold if they qualify. There are brands like Burberry and Giorgio Armani here.😯😯

The website has a section termed ‘Clean Out’ up top. Here you can order the clean-out kit, which has three options for listing your products:👛✅

Expedited Bag💼

In this option, thredUP will deduct 16% of your earnings once you sell your stuff. The payment is usually processed within a week.📆

Free Standard Bag🛍️

In this option, you send your stuff to thredUP instead. They will physically look at and approve the items and send back the rejected stuff. However, payment may take up to three weeks to be processed.

Free Donation Bag 💲✅

In this option, You can send all the stuff you don’t need or wish to sell to thredUP. They then sort, keep and send the unwanted stuff to charity.💲💲

3. The RealReal🤔

RealReal provides exclusive home service where the company sends people to your door to pick up the stuff. You can also get a pre-paid stamp for shipping your items.📤📩

The platform is fun, easy to use, and not to forget reliable for selling all clothes, bags, and other items online (considering they meet the conditions, of course.) You can find items from brands like Tory Burch, Oscar de la Renta, Tiffany, Alexis Bittar, Donna Karan, Gucci, Cartier, etc.👜👛

Best consignment stores – physical🏬🏬

Despite the convenience, many people still prefer to visit and get a feel of the stuff they buy. Hence they prefer to go to the physical outlets of these consignment stores. Here you can look at the products, try them on, and get the actual shopping experience.🛍️🛒

We’ll continue our list with the best consignment stores with a physical presence.

1. Once Upon A Child👦👧👧

This store has clothing, shoes, toys, and other stuff for boys and girls aged between size zero to sixteen years. Once Upon a Child also accepts sellers who send stuff from brands like Gymboree, The Children’s Place, and Justice.

They also have a specialty rewards program for buyers. You will find many positive reviews for the store that it lists even the most petite sizes of baby clothes (for premature babies) that may be the lowest or close to the lowest prices in the market.🍼👼

2. Plato’s Closet👕👗

With over 500 stores, Plato’s Closet lists products for teenage kids. You can find brands like lululemon, Abercrombie, Coach, Fitch, etc. While the place doesn’t have dresses or business suits, it does list a fair amount of decent wear for the kinds just entering adulthood.👱‍♀️👧

Kids love to shop here for proms, Halloween, and other events where they can find unique and classy stuff at fair prices.

3. Crossroads Trading🚧🛤️

While Crossroads Trading is not as renowned as the other consignment stores, it has a strong presence and footfall in cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, and Portland. 

The store features famous kids’ brands like Urban Outfitters, Madewell, and Anthropologie and high-end branded wear like Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Burberry.😮😮

You can also mail them your products instead of going there. Contact them on their websites, and the company will send a bag and all other details to ship the items. Once approved, you receive mobile payment or store credit, whatever you opt for.

4. Buffalo Exchange🐃🐃

You will find quality and affordable branded wear for adults at Buffalo Exchange. It has about 50 stores and has stuff from Levi’s, Banana republic, and Topshop. Plus, you can find a lot of vintage stuff here as well.🧥👗

The best thing about this place is that you will receive 25% to 50% of the price of the items you sell on the very first day you visit the store. Instead of cash, you can also opt to get store credit which you can use to shop at the Buffalo Exchange.💲💲

5. WasteLand💲💲

WasteLand is another place you can walk in any day with the stuff you don’t need or have outgrown for cash. Just walk in with your stuff, let them have a look, and quote the price. It’s that easy. 

Ensure the products you want to sell are clean, in prime condition, and of good quality.👍

Once the items are selected, you will get 35% of the price. Usually, trendy or vintage items can bag you the best deals here.🤑🤑

6. Beacon’s Closet🧐

Another great place to buy or sell vintage, daily, designer, modern, or other apparel you wish to sell is Beacon’s Closet. This place will get you the best rates all over New York.💲👍

They list clothing items like swimwear, tops, bottoms, dresses for women, shoes, jewelry, etc.👠👛

The stuff that doesn’t sell or is rejected is also given to charity by Beacon’s Closet. They are, in fact, big advocates of humanitarian issues and giving back to society. To date, Beacon’s Closet has conducted numerous sales drives for different causes and generated a lot of donations for charitable organizations.💲💲

New York Cares, Junior League of Brooklyn, and Cooke Center academy are its three partners for these charity drives.

Other consignment stores you can find near you are:✅

  • Letgo
  •  Crossroads Trading
  • Trove Market
  • OfferUp
  • Mercari
  • Tradesy

Frequently asked questions🧐🤔

Still, trying to figure out how to shop or sell at consignment stores? Here are some FAQs that’ll help.✅👍

What is the return policy of consignment stores?🤔

The return policy for the consignment stores may or may not be well-defined. To avoid the trouble, make sure you put some thought into whatever you purchase.💲💲

This is especially important for online shopping. For returns, you may have to ship the item back and pay the shipping and restocking fee as well.💸💸

How much do consignment stores pay?💰💰

Every store has a different policy about how much they pay for the items. The rate depends on the type of item, the condition, and other factors. Usually, you may expect 50% to 70% of the sales price. 💰💲

However, the product you bring needs to be in the proper condition, i.e., if it’s not ironed or cleaned; you may also have to pay for that.💸💸

Which items sell best in consignment stores?🤔👛

Clothing, jewelry, and other designer goods like bags and watches sell well at the consignment stores.👗💍

How much do consignment stores deduct as fee?💲💸

Although the percentage varies per store, you can expect 20% to 40% of the sale price to be deducted as a fee. Some stores offer a flat rate fee for low-priced items as well.🥺🥺


Consignment stores provide the ultimate luxury shopping experience with multiple items available in one place. Moreover, they are also great venues for selling your clothes, watches, designer bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. Just ensure they are in mint condition, and you can get solid cash for them.💵💵

There are many consignment stores available all over the US (both online and as physical outlets.)💲✅

Look up ‘consignment stores near me’ and sell or buy quality stuff at the most economical rates.💲💵

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