How to Invest $100k

So, like the movies, did a distant relative just pop out of nowhere to leave you with a $100k inheritance? Perhaps you finally managed to save that amount from your hard-earned income.💸💲

Whatever the case of the windfall, if you’re wondering how to invest 100k and get the most out of it, here are some great ways to invest the amount and reap the rewards. 🎁🏆

There are many options, like investing in real estate, stocks, funds, etc. However, no matter your choice, it’s wise to think it through and even take the guidance of a financial analyst if required.🧑‍💼🧑‍💼

Before we get to how to invest 100k, you need to ask yourself these two questions:  Do you have an emergency fund and all debts paid off? What kind of investor do you think you are?🤔🧐

Got your answers? Let’s learn how you can use this information to make the most out of your investments. 

Things to consider before investing $100k🧐🧐

While it may be easy to think of putting the money in a bank or buying stocks on the market, you must ensure you start right. To reap the rewards of the investment, make sure these two aspects are taken care of:✅


First, look into any debt you owe and pay it off. That may be credit cards, loans, etc. There are also low-interest debts like mortgages, which you can put off and pay with time.⌛✅

However, all those debts with high interest need to be paid before you even consider investing the 100k in your pocket.

Emergency fund🚒🔥

An emergency fund should be enough to cover about six months of expenses if you ever have to forgo your steady income. So if you don’t already have an emergency fund to cover you for rainy days, with 100k in hand, you need to start one immediately.😱🤯

Another benefit of having an emergency fund is that it keeps the rest of the investment intact. So you don’t have to withdraw or encash any investment in case of an urgent or unexpected expense.😥😥

What kind of investor are you?😵🧐

Next, you need to ask yourself what kind of investor you are. For example, are you self-led or prefer to take a financial planner’s advice?🧑‍💼🧑‍💼

If you lead by your thoughts and do your research, you may start investing with a broker. Simply approach a broker, open an account and explore the options for investing. 💲💸

Another way is to form an investment plan and approach Robo investors. The Robo investors take on the task of investing your money for you. A good option would be to work with financial advisors, take their advice, and get a complete plan for managing your investments. 💵💰

However, these advisors charge a specific fee for their services; honestly, that’s a big chunk out of pocket.💲💰

If you are wondering how to invest 100k, and want to choose the right investment plan, consider the following essential factors:✅


Next, you should consider how long you can invest the money. For example, can you go on the long-term investment plan, i.e., ten or thirty years from today, or wish to invest for a few years only?📆🗓️

Risk and Return📈📉

If you want a higher return, you should be willing to take higher risks. However, if you can’t risk losing money, remember the returns will be low too. So keep in view the level of risk you are willing to accept and undertake.✅🧐

How to invest $100k?🤔🤔

Suppose you are standing at a point where you are considering options or ways to invest 100k; congratulations! It is indeed an achievement to be able to save that amount and be in a position to invest it!✅🧐

With the thoughts on how to invest 100k, you have already headed in the right direction and are thinking of possibilities, risks, and returns on the money.💵💵

You can turn this $100,000 into much more with the proper guidance and decision! However, the key is to do proper research and then make the right decision based on your plans and existing financial footing. 📉💸

Here are the top five ways to invest $100,000 where you can increase, double or even quadruple your savings!🤑🤑

1. Invest in real estate🏘️🏡

The best investment for 100k is in the real estate business. When you invest and buy actual property, you are putting your funds into something tangible that will enable you to earn a stable rent or cash flow.💵🤑

Here are some more benefits of investing in real estate.✅

Tax Benefit📈💸

We all seek ways to get the tax advantage whenever and wherever we can. Taxes are heavy and take a big chunk out of your income, profits, and other payments, no doubt about that. With property, you are liable to cover certain expenses, including payment of mortgage interest, house maintenance, improvement, etc.👨‍🔧⛏️

You can use these to your benefit as expenses’ so your actual taxable income reduces.📉💸


Buying real estate is beneficial in so many ways. The top benefit is you may be buying a higher worth of property than your investment. That means 100k may only be the downpayment for the real estate; you can pay the rest off as a loan and hence, own a place you build equity over the years.🗓️📈

Simply put: This enables you to live in a place worth far more than the 100k you have.💵🤩

Cash Flow💵💵

Owning land also allows you to rent the place. That gives you a solid flow of regular earnings. 💲💸

Consider it a passive second income stream. You can pay your mortgages, cover all costs, and make profits with the money.💲💲

However, despite the benefits and considering it a safe investment, it is best to always research before investing in property. Inspect the grounds, check the neighborhood, and see if it’s valued correctly. 🏡🏘️

You must complete due diligence before you shake hands with the realtor.🤝💸

2. Invest in stocks💵💲

The second profitable way to invest money is in individual stocks. You can also use this option to widen your portfolio instead of putting the entire amount here. 🤔💲

You can look up and buy stock from various companies, industries, and other big names from the stock market. 🏣👨‍💼

It’s a highly volatile place, but since the risks are high, the returns are plentiful. The rates of return change and vary per year, and with long-term investment, investors can make compound gains over their investment.📈📈

A good strategy here would be to invest in the fast-growing sectors. These are the growth stocks that improve the performance of your overall stock portfolio. These include:📊✅

  • Fintech💸💵
  • Healthcare🏥🏨
  • E-commerce👩‍💻💻
  • Cloud computing💻💻

In case of stock market volatility and recession, you will be able to recover more swiftly by investing in these fast-growth companies and industries. The downside, though, is that these stocks are usually priced high due to their steady performance in the market.📈📈

Another thing is that investing in such stocks can increase your investment risk, so ensure you spend a minor part of your stock holdings in these growth stocks.📈📊

Dividend Paying Stocks📊📊

Another place to invest in is dividend-paying stocks. These give you a stable income level for your monthly expenses or to reinvest in stocks. The dividend is part of the company’s profits and the amount it distributes to its shareholders.👬👭

Usually, the dividend is paid out in the form of cash.💵💵 Over time as the company profits further, they raise the dividend level and pay the investor better. 

Thus, your chances of earning good returns increase in the long run. Another strategy that can increase the yield is reinvesting the dividend you earn (at least during the initial cycles) back into the stocks.💵✅

Quick Liquidation💸💸

Liquidating is also fast and easy; like with real estate, it may take a long time to find a genuine buyer, but stocks can be traded within hours.💸🕰️

Low Barrier to Entry⬇️🙃

There’s a very low threshold for the minimum amount you spend in stocks. So you may just invest a few dollars to get started. 💰💰

You can also diversify your portfolio by investing in not just one but many small companies. This strategy gives you good leverage and lowers the risk as well.⬇️✅

3. Invest in mutual funds✅💵

If you are looking for a stable, less risky place to put your money in, Mutual funds and ETFs are the answer. The risk is lower than investing in individual stocks as the companies or industries you invest in are preselected by the experts here.👨‍💼📊

So all risk-averse investors looking for considerable interest in their investment, with minimal decision-making and vigilance, should invest in mutual funds.✅✅


Exchange-Traded Funds are significant for those investors who don’t want to invest in individual stocks. These, too, are passively managed and have low expense ratios.✅💲

ETFs usually have lower costs than mutual funds and are traded like stocks. In addition, ETFs are available according to the different sectors and, sometimes, for supporting a certain cause, like renewable energy ETFs.♻️🍃


The good thing about bonds is that their prices are relatively stable compared to stocks. So, for a short-term, safer investment, bonds are a much better option.✅✅

When you hold the bond, you can collect a specific interest payment from the holding company. When selling the bond, you will receive the face value payment.💵💵

However, since the bonds are less risky, they also have lower returns than the other riskier investments. For all the interest payments on the bond, except the municipal bonds, the amount of interest is taxed as income.⬇️💸

Vetted Industries and Companies🏣🏣

The risk in mutual funds and ETFs is really low as the stocks they invest in are already selected by analysts and experienced professionals. 👩‍💻👨‍💼

4. Invest in individual retirement accounts ✅💸

IRAs are specific accounts for retirement benefits. When employed, you can opt for retirement benefits and contribute a certain amount of your income to the IRA account. Then, whenever you have spare cash or savings, one of the best ways to invest the amount is to place it in your retirement fund.📃📃

That gives you sufficient padding for your future and retirement. Now there are two types of Individual Retirement Accounts:

Traditional IRA✅

In this type, you get tax credit during your payments. However, upon retiring, your account will be taxed.😔

Roth IRA✅💸

In this one, you pay for the tax income during the payments; however, upon retiring, you can go tax-free.☺️☺️

5. Invest in peer-to-peer lending💵💱

Peer-to-peer lending is Private money lending which is another way to invest. That is, by lending this money to businesses and people via a platform. This works as a lender-borrower relationship, where investors can act as the bank at certain points. 🏦🏧

This way, when the lender pays you back, you also earn a particular interest on the principal amount. Here are some benefits of this form of investment:

Short-Term Benefit✅✅

It’s a great way to earn a good amount in just a few months.  You’ll only have to look into the borrowers and their subject properties. If they cannot pay back, you can always hold their property.🏘️✅

How to invest $100k in other places🧐🧐

Be it an investment for retirement, as a second passive income stream, or making the most profits on specific savings, you need to think it through before you invest. 

If the top five ways discussed above don’t appeal to you, here are some other places to put your money.💵💲


Another excellent investment would be to place your savings in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs). REITs are backed by professional analysts who create portfolios of properties. 

The amount generated via rent and interest payments goes off as dividends to the shareholders. 👨‍💼👨‍💼

Savings Accounts

A savings account is an easy, simple, risk-free investment. Most banks today offer low-interest rates on these accounts but a steady and safe place to keep your money.🏦🏧

Certificate of Deposit

A CD may have a maturity of a month or ten years. These are also very safe investments where you can place your money for a specific time. 

You may withdraw your investment at any point during the tenure of holding however you‘ll have to forgo your interest then.💳💵


If you ever find yourself wondering how to invest 100k, avoid placing it in the first investment idea that pops up in your head. Instead, always do a little research, and analyze your goals, requirements, and financial state before you make the decision. 🤔🤔

Make sure you diversify your portfolio where possible and keep your investment safe from market volatility and other risks. We hope this article provides perspective to invest right in today’s inflationary economic scenario.📈📊

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