How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month: 13 Easy Ways

There are many ways to make an extra $1000 a month. For example, you could start a side hustle or sell some of your possessions.🤑🤑

Alternatively, you could look into ways to reduce your expenses. There are many money-saving tips online, and it’s worth taking the time to find out which will work best for you.💵

But how to make an extra 1000 a month by doing a menial effort? Let’s find out.

Easy ways to make $1000/month💵💵💵

An extra $100 a month can make a big difference in your life. It could help you pay off debt, save for a rainy day, or boost your monthly budget.💲💲

Here are some ways to make this extra money.

1. Take surveys online💵💬

A survey is a questionnaire that companies use to collect data from consumers. Then, they use this information to improve their products and services.

You can make money by taking surveys in your spare time. Many websites offer paid surveys, such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.💬💬

You won’t get rich by taking surveys, but you can earn a decent amount of money if you’re consistent. For instance, Inbox Dollars is a great survey site that pays you for your opinion.

Here are some tips to help:👇❤

  • Sign up for multiple survey sites to increase your earnings.
  • Choose surveys that pay well and are interesting to you.
  • Be honest when answering questions.
  • Don’t rush through the process.

2. Play games🎮🎮

Do you like playing games? You’re in luck. There are many ways to make money by playing games.

For instance, you can sign up for a site like Swagbucks and play games in your spare time. You can also enter tournaments and win cash prizes.🎮💸

You can join a gaming league like the World Arcade Gaming League and compete in tournaments.🤑

If you’re serious about making money by playing games, you must be good at it. You can find many games that pay money on the app store. Some of them include the following:

3. Read emails💻💻

Nowadays, companies are always looking for ways to reach their target audience. One way they do this is by sending marketing emails.

You can make money by reading emails in your spare time. Many websites offer paid email programs, such as InboxDollars and Swagbucks.💻

All you have to do is sign up for an account and start reading emails. You’ll earn points for every email you read, which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.💳💳

Branded Surveys has a great paid email program that’s worth checking out. You can also create an account on Inbox Dollars to earn money by reading emails, taking surveys, and playing games.

4. Test products

Companies need consumer feedback to improve their products and services. That’s why they’re willing to pay people to test their products.✅❎

You can make money by testing products for companies. Basically, you’ll have to give your feedback on the product you’ve used.⭐⭐⭐⭐

For instance, if it’s an electronic product, you’ll have to test its features and give your opinion on them. Many companies offer paid product testing programs, such as UserTesting.⭐⭐

Besides, there are some websites where you can take longer surveys and give your opinions that companies can use to hone their products and services. Opinion Outpost is one such website.🌟🌟

Pinecone Research is another leading name in the market research industry. The website collects market research for renowned companies. By providing your opinions through surveys, you can help these companies serve their customers better and earn money in return.⭐✅🤑

5. Browse the web on Brave broswer

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software. The web browser blocks ads and website trackers. It also has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).💬💻

You can use Brave to browse the web and receive BAT tokens in return. You can then redeem these tokens for cash or gift cards.💲💲💵

While it won’t be possible to earn $1000 per month by browsing the web, you can easily make a few hundred dollars if you’re consistent.

6. Get cashback through Drop app💲💲

The Drop app is a great way to get cashback on your everyday purchases. The app partners with leading brands and retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, and Sephora.

Every time you make a purchase through the app, you’ll earn points. You can also earn points by playing games. The more points you earn, the more cashback you’ll get.💵💵

You can redeem your points for gift cards or withdraw them to your PayPal account.

7. Get cashback with Upside 💵💵

While Drop gives you cashback on your purchases, Upside is the ideal option to get cashback on food and gas. The app gets you cashback on more than 50,000 locations worldwide, including Shell and Gelson’s.💵💸

All you have to do is sign up for an account, find a gas station or restaurant near you, and get cashback on your purchase. Cashback is a great way to get a percentage of your money back on everyday purchases.🛒🛍🤑

8. Open an account with Albert bank

Albert is an online financial institution that offers a variety of products and services designed to help you manage your money. You can open an account with Albert in just a few minutes, and no minimum balance is required.👀

Once you have an account, you can use Albert’s online tools to track your spending, set up a budget, and save for your future. You can also access your account on the go with the Albert mobile app.📱

Whether you’re just starting to save for your future or you’re looking for a new place to manage your finances, Albert can help.💵

9. Get free money with Zippy Loan

If you’re short on cash and need a loan to cover unexpected expenses, you may be considering a personal loan. Zippy Loan is an online lender that offers personal loans to borrowers with good or bad credit.💸💸

You can apply for a loan through Zippy Loan’s website or mobile app, and you may be able to get your money as soon as the next business day. Zippy Loan offers loans of up to $15,000, and you can choose a repayment plan that fits your budget.

However, note that a loan is not a consistent way to make an extra $1000 monthly. You should use it as your last resort.💸💸❎

It’s also essential to pay the loan back as soon as possible to avoid high interest rates. Unfortunately, late repayment will also affect your credit score.

10. Get free money with Upgrade rewards credit card

Rewards credit cards are a great way to earn free money, and many different types of rewards cards are available. You can find rewards cards for everything from travel to groceries. They let you earn points or cash back on your everyday purchases.❤❤

Here’s how such a card works:💳💳

  • You can use your rewards credit card to earn points or cash back on everyday purchases.
  • For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn a certain number of points or cash back.
  • Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for free travel, merchandise, or cash back.

You can use your rewards to offset the cost of your next vacation, or you can save up for a big-ticket item like a new TV.💳🌟

There are many different types of reward credit cards. For instance, the Bitcoin Rewards Visa Card from Upgrade is an excellent option for those who want to earn rewards in the form of Bitcoin. With this card, you’ll earn 1.5% back in Bitcoin on every purchase you make.

Plus, the credit lines range from $500 to $25,000. Since the card has no fees, you’ll be able to keep more of your hard-earned money.💳🤑

You also get a $200 bonus after creating a checking account and making three debit card transactions.

If you’re looking for a card that offers rewards in the form of cashback, the Citi Double Cash Card is a great option. The card gives you 2% cash back on all of your purchases – 1% when you make the purchase and 1% when you pay it off.💳💸

No matter what type of rewards you’re looking for, there’s a credit card out there that can meet your needs.

11. Get your paycheck early

Sometimes, the only way to make ends meet is to get your paycheck a little early. Fortunately, there are several apps that will allow you to do just that.💵💵

With Brigit, you can get your paycheck up to two days early. The app links to your employer’s payroll system and then deposits your paycheck into your account as soon as it’s processed.

You get up to $250 in advance per month. The app also lets you build your credit by reporting your payments to the credit bureaus.✅✅

Earnin is another app that offers early paychecks. With this app, you can set up a direct deposit and then receive your paycheck as soon as your employer processes it. You can get up to $500 of your paycheck per pay period.

Again, this is not a way to make extra money per month. Instead, it’s a way to access your money a little bit sooner so that you can pay your bills on time.💵💲

For instance, you might have an unexpected car repair that you need to pay for. By getting your paycheck early, you can avoid late fees and penalties.

12. Save money with Rocket Money🚀🚀

Rocket Money is a lifesaver for people who are struggling to make ends meet. The app helps you find ways to save money on your everyday expenses.

For instance, Rocket Money can help you find discounts on your groceries, gas, and other everyday expenses. The app will also help you track your spending so you can see where you can save.🚀🚀

Most importantly, it gives you full control over your subscription. You no longer have to pay for unwanted services or be locked into a contract.🚀💲

The app also puts your savings on autopilot. It learns your habits and then saves you the right amount of money.🤑💰

Once you’ve built up savings, you can use the app to invest your money and grow your wealth.

13. Deliver groceries with Instacart🚲🚲

Possibly, the best way to make an extra $1000 a month is to deliver groceries with Instacart. As an Instacart shopper, you can set your schedule and earn up to $18 an hour.

Plus, you can get paid as soon as you finish your delivery. So, if you need money right away, this is a great option.🚴🚴

To become an Instacart shopper, you’ll need to be 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and pass a background check.✅🚴

Once approved, you can start shopping and delivering groceries to customers. Here are some tips to maximize your earnings through Instacart:💲💲🛍🚲

  • Get Tips: If you want to earn more money, make sure you get tips. Customers have the option to tip you through the app, and you keep 100% of the tips you earn.
  • Shop Smart: When you’re shopping for groceries, be efficient. The faster you shop, the more orders you can complete and the more money you can earn.🛍🛍
  • Deliver During Peak Hours: 🕔🕚🕢Instacart offers bonuses for delivery during peak hours. So, if you want to earn more money, ensure you’re available to deliver during these times.


If you’ve ever wondered how to make an extra 1000 a month, you now know 13 ways to do it👆👆. While some of these methods require more work than others, they all provide a real opportunity to earn extra money each month.💸💸

Likewise, some may not help you make $1000 extra a month. The trick is to do two or three of these methods to reach your goal. In this way, you can make an extra $1000 a month without working too hard.💰🤑💲

Whatever method you choose, just remember to have fun and be creative. The more you enjoy what you’re doing, the more likely you are to succeed.

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