How to Make Money Blogging

With nearly 600 million blogs worldwide, it shouldn’t be surprising that blogging is a popular way to make money. But most people don’t know how to generate income from their blogs💰💰.

So, if you’re among the many people wondering how to make money blogging, this guide is for you. We’ll look at a few ways to make money from your blog, including advertising, affiliate marketing, products and services, and sponsorship🤑💸.

How much money can you make from blogging?💸💸

The first thing most people want to know is how much money they can make from their blog. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question🤑.

The amount of money you can make from your blog will depend on several factors, including:

  • Blog Niche: The niche is the topic of your blog. For example, if you have a food blog, your niche would be food. If you have a parenting blog, your niche would be parenting. Some niches are more profitable than others 🥘🍲🎽🛬. For example, a blog about personal finance will be more profitable than a blog about knitting.
  • Number of Page Views: The number of page views is the number of times people have viewed your blog. The more page views you have, the more money you can make💸💸.
  • Advertising Rates: Advertising rates vary depending on the type of advertising you’re using and the number of page views you have🤑. Generally speaking, the more page views you have, the higher your advertising rates will be.
  • Affiliate Commissions: Affiliate commissions vary depending on the products or services you’re promoting. Some affiliate programs pay more than others💰💰💰💸.
  • Products and Services: If you sell products or services from your blog, the amount of money you can make will depend on the prices of your products and services.

So, as you can see, there is no easy answer to how much money you can make from your blog💸💸.

How to make money blogging: 8 tried and tested ways💰

While most people think advertising is the primary way bloggers make money, there are many different ways to do it. Here are a few of the most common and effective methods:

1. Sponsored posts

A significant way to make money blogging is through sponsored posts – when a company pays you a set amount to publish a post that promotes their product or service.

These posts are always clearly marked as sponsored and usually include a brief disclaimer at the top noting that the post is sponsored💻💻.

Let’s say you have a lifestyle blog. An apparel brand approaches you and wants you to write a post featuring their new clothing line🎽👕👠👞.

In exchange, they’ll pay you $500. So you agree and write a post featuring five ways to style their new clothing line. At the end of the post, you include a link to where readers can buy the clothes.

This is a sponsored post. It’s a great way to make money blogging because you’re essentially being paid to promote a product💸💸.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting a product or service on your blog. You earn a commission when readers click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.

An affiliate program has two components; an affiliate and a merchant. The affiliate is the party that promotes the merchant’s products or services in exchange for a commission. The merchant is the party that provides the products or services to be promoted🤑🤑.

For example, let’s say you have a blog about travel. You write a post about the best travel backpacks and include an affiliate link where readers can buy your recommended backpack.

You’ll earn a commission if a reader clicks on your affiliate link and buys the backpack.

You can sign up for affiliate programs through companies like Amazon, Commission Junction, and ShareASale💰💰.

When you find a program that meets your needs and is in your niche, sign up for it and start promoting its products. You can also work directly with brands. They may give you an affiliate link to put on your blog or website. 

3. Product reviews

Another way to make money blogging is by writing product reviews. Companies will send you products to test out and review on your blog✎✎.

These reviews can be in the form of a video, blog post, or even a podcast.

If you have a beauty blog, you might review a new makeup product. If you have a travel blog, you might review a new piece of luggage.

The key to writing effective product reviews is to be honest. Don’t review a product you don’t like just because you’re being paid to do it✅✅.

4. Paid courses or ebooks

If you’re an expert on a particular topic, you can create a course or eBook and sell it on your blog📚.

It is a great way to monetize your blog because you’re selling your knowledge.

To create a course, you can use a platform like Teachable or Thinkific. You can also create an eBook and sell it on Amazon📕📕.

Then, you can list the course or eBook on your blog and promote it to your readers. Use social media and email marketing to get the word out about your course or eBook📗📗.

People will buy your course because they want to learn from you. They see you as an expert on the topic and are willing to pay for your knowledge📙🕮.

5. Membership content👀👀

You can also make money from your blog by selling memberships. It can be a great way to generate income if you have valuable content people would be willing to pay for.

For example, you could create a membership website where people can access exclusive content, receive discounts, or get other benefits for being a member💟.

You could make a full-time income from membership fees alone if you have a large enough following. But, of course, this option is only viable if you have high-quality content that people are actually willing to pay for💵💲.

Let’s say your blog is all about gardening. You could create a membership website where people can get access to exclusive tips, tutorials, and other content that would help them with their gardening.

6. Advertising

While ads are not necessarily the most efficient way to make money from your blog, they can still be a viable option.

Ads are usually sold on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis, which means you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad💲💲.

The amount you can earn from ads will depend on several factors, including the traffic to your blog, the size and placement of the ads, and the type of ads you’re using💵💵.

For example, display ads tend to pay more than affiliate links because they are more intrusive, and people are more likely to click on them🚩🚩.

Of course, ads are not always the best option for making money from your blog. They can be intrusive and make your blog look less professional💰.

Moreover, people are becoming more and more ad-blind, which means they are less likely to click on ads.

If you decide to use ads, ensure they are relevant to your blog’s content and don’t disrupt the user experience.

7. Online store🛒🛒

Once your blog has taken off and your audience has grown, you may want to consider opening an online store🛍💻💻.

An online store is a great way to monetize your blog because it allows you to sell products or services directly to your readers. For example, many bloggers sell ‘merch,’ which is short for merchandise.

It can include t-shirts, mugs, stickers, or other physical products that have been branded with your blog’s name or logo👕🥤.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of shipping and inventory, you could also sell digital products such as e-books, courses, or templates. For example, if you have a lifestyle blog, you can sell templates for meal preps, workout schedules, or fashion capsule wardrobes.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to monetizing your blog with an online store💵💲.

8. Offer consulting services

When you have a well-received blog, people consider you an expert in your field. As a result, you may be able to monetize your blog by offering consulting services🙋.

For example, if you’re a personal finance blogger, you could offer consulting services to help people with their budgets or investing strategies.

You may also use your blog to direct traffic to your accounts on freelancing sites or your website. For instance, if you’re a web developer, you could blog about web design tips and link to your portfolio or services page💁💁.


Now that you know how to make money blogging, you can use all these methods to start earning an income from your blog. Just remember to be patient, as it takes time to build up a following and start seeing results👽.

Instead of sticking to one method, try out a few different ones to see what works best for you and your blog. For instance, you can sign up for an affiliate program and sell an online course🤑. 

Or, you could work with brands on sponsored posts and use Google AdSense to make money from your traffic💸💰.

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