15 Fun Jobs For 10 Year Olds That Pay Well

If you’re 10 years old, you can start earning some spending money💲. There are many ways out there for kids your age to make money, and many of them can be great fun.💲 

Whether you want to buy the new PS5 🎮 or save money for anything else, you have plenty of fun options out there. But where to find them? 

Let’s check out 15 creative and fun jobs for 10-year-olds that will help you achieve your money goals 💸.

Jobs that pay well for 10 year olds 

Jobs for young kids range from very limited to quite rewarding and lucrative. Here are some jobs that 10-year-olds can do to make money. 📢 

1. Take surveys on the web

Completing online surveys on different authentic websites is an easy way to make money. Many firms prioritize customer feedback and even pay you for taking the time to fill out their survey forms. And yes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a teen!

Such surveys are usually short, so you can take as many as possible in your free time. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

The first step is to search for legitimate survey websites that pay. You can find several such sites, but do your research and make sure they are reliable🧠🧠. We recommend starting with Survey Junkie as they are legit, easy to use, and pay you directly in cash 💵 through Paypal. 

Once you find reliable websites, sign up on them and create an account.

After that, you can start taking surveys for money.

The amount of money you make from surveys depends on the number of surveys you take, the type of survey, and the amount paid for each survey.

Apart from these, you may also be asked to participate in focus group discussions or product testing activities for which you can earn higher rewards. 💰

2. Play games 

If you have a pro gamer inside of you who doesn’t get time to come out because of studies, it’s their time to rise and shine 🌟. Yes, playing games can earn you money! 💰

Swagbucks is a great platform to start making money by playing games right by sitting on your couch. The games are usually shorter ones, completed within a few minutes. But they’re super-fun. 🎮💸

You can play games and complete surveys on Swagbucks to earn points, or “SwagBucks” (SB). You can redeem your SBs for gift cards or cash. Swagbucks also has plenty of other ways to make money, such as shopping online, watching videos, and taking surveys.

How To Get Started? 🙇

First, you have to sign up on Swagbucks. Then, choose the games you’re interested in. Play your chosen games to make money🤑🤑!

Get paid in direct cash through Paypal with your gift cards or prepaid Visa cards 💳; it all depends on you. 

3. Review music for money 

Have you ever wanted to make money doing something you love? Well, now you can! You can review music for cash. Music reviewing is a great way to share your opinion about music with other people and get paid for it🎶💸.

All you need to do is listen to a track, write up a review of it, and submit it to websites that offer this service. 

Many of these sites pay you for your reviews, giving you a chance to make some extra cash. One such website is Branded Surveys

You can review songs and albums from any genre of music, from hip-hop to jazz.

Once you submit your review, you will be rewarded with points.

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • Simply sign up on the website.
  • Listen to a song.
  • Fill out a survey-like form related to different aspects of the song. It will take only a few minutes to help you earn some bucks 💸🤑. 

The amount of money you’ll earn will depend on the number of songs you review. The more time you spend, the heavier your pocket can get 💰💰💰. Easy peasy!

4. Read emails 

Email reading isn’t as boring as you think 📧. It’s also one of the easiest jobs for 10-year-olds that pay pretty well. 

It’s possible to make money reading emails for companies 📩. Nowadays, many companies use email as an effective marketing tool, and to reach potential customers, they pay people to read their emails💰💰. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

This is how it works: 

  • You sign up for a service that sends you emails to read from different companies. 
  • Once you open an email, you’ll be paid a certain amount of money, usually between $0.01 and $0.03 per email. 💰💰
  • The more emails you read, the more money you make 💰💰. 

Some legit websites that pay for reading emails include Inbox Pays and InboxDollars. You can get paid for playing games, taking surveys, reading emails, and more on these sites. 

5. Watch videos 

Another fun job for 10-year-olds is watching videos to earn money while sitting on their couches 🛋️. It’s a fun way to make your leisure time productive without much effort.

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • All you have to do is sign up on a legit site like Swagbucks. Yes, besides playing games, Swagbucks also offers money to watch videos 📽️📽️. 
  • Then, sign up by providing your name and email address and get in. 
  • You’ll be paid for every video you watch in “Swagbucks” or SBs. 

You can redeem your earned SBs and get direct cash through PayPal 💲. Easy!

Here are some tips to make the most of this opportunity:

  • Think of it as a way to make your leisure time productive. 
  • Try to watch videos in HD quality for the best experience. Be patient and watch a few videos to get used to the process.
  • Keep track of your earnings, so you know when it’s time to cash out.
  • Select video offers with a maximum of 12 videos that earn you 2 SBs minimum. You can also opt for 20+ video offers if the topic interests you. 

6. Browse the web 

How often do you browse the web during the day? Most people use Google and other search engines to find websites, access their online accounts, and stay up-to-date with news and events.

Browsing the web is an important part of staying connected in this digital age. You can find information on almost any topic, stay informed about current events, and find new products.

Can you make money just by browsing the web? Yes, it’s possible! With websites like Brave, you can easily earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) 🪙, a unique cryptocurrency just for browsing the web 💻.

If you want to enter the crypto market, this is a great way to start. You’ll also be rewarded for watching ads and participating in surveys. Plus, Brave puts your privacy first, keeping you safe from malicious tracking and ads. So the next time you are browsing the web, remember that you can be earning money💲💲. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Simply download Brave and start browsing. 

Like other jobs for 10-year-olds we have listed, the earnings depend on how much time and effort you put in ⏰💰

The more time you spend browsing online, the more money you’ll get in your pocket! 🤑

7. Start a blog 

If you have a knack for writing, start cashing it out 💲. You can create your own blog on a free website and make money doing something you love ✍️💻. 

The key is to find a subject you’re passionate about, and then share it with the world. You can post your thoughts, stories, or even tutorials on how to do something. 

Start by getting an idea of what type of content you want to post, then create a plan and start writing. ⌛ 

Blogging won’t give you money right away. You may have to blog consistently for a year or more to start making a few bucks. But over time, your hard work will surely pay off 💰💰!

How To Get Started? 🙇

To get started, here are a few things to keep in mind 🧠:

  • Choose Topics You Love: First of all, list topics 🗒️ for blogging depending on your interest and demand among the audience. 
  • Pick a Blogging Website: The next step is to choose a blogging website where you’d publish your content. Bluehost is an affordable platform that you can easily integrate with WordPress.🧑‍💼.
  • Make Your Blog Attractive: Choosing a suitable theme and design can make your blog look attractive and well-organized 🌈. 
  • Promote: Finally, it’s time to be as visible as you can 📢📢. Share your content on popular social media sites, publish your blogs as guest posts on other websites, and answer questions on Quora and Reddit.

Once you fully organize your website and add enough content, you’ll be able to attract more traffic and start making money. You can also add ads and affiliate links to earn more 💰💰💰.

Plus, starting a blog gives you the opportunity to hone your writing skills. Over time, you’ll develop better communication and explore different topics to share with your audience. 

The key 🔑 to making the most out of this job is to be consistent with your content publishing. Also, stay fun and creative 😋!

8. Create and sell craft on Etsy

Etsy is a great platform for creative individuals to showcase and sell their crafts🧤🎉. By setting up a shop on Etsy, craft makers can easily market their handmade items to customers around the world. 💵

The first step to selling craft on Etsy is setting up a shop. You can easily create an account and open your own shop in minutes. 🤩

Once your shop is open, it’s time to start adding products! You can upload photos and descriptions of your craft items, as well as pricing information. 🤑

Etsy also offers tools to help you promote your shop. You can add a banner, create a profile page, and even set up custom emails for customers. 🤝

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • List your items to sell. Make sure to capture clear photos of the items 📸. You can upload about 10 pictures of each item 🖼️. 
  • Write detailed descriptions for every item 🗒️.
  • Set a reasonable price since you’re a beginner. But it shouldn’t be enough to cover up the supplies and time you spent crafting the product. Also, mention the shipping costs in the product listing price or put them separately 💵. 

This is also a time-consuming job, but once you start selling and making a profit, it will be worth it 💲💲!

9. Design logos on Fiverr

Working as a freelance logo designer on Fiverr is not only fun but is highly flexible. 

If you’re new to this field but have basic designing skills, you can be a good catch for small businesses looking for beginners. Of course, you’d earn less, but the minimum paying amount starts from $5, which is not bad!

How To Get Started?🙇

The first step is to see which logos are famous among the recruiters. Then, design similar types of logos for a made-up company 💻.

Over time, you can build up your portfolio, gain customer feedback and increase your rates as you get more experienced. You can always customize the package for bigger clients and work with them on a more lengthy basis📢📢.

Creating logos doesn’t require much investment and you can easily start off with the basics like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.You can also create logos with a few dollars worth of stock images and create something unique, making sure to keep the clients

Save the logo files on your PC. This is your portfolio, which you’ll present to potential clients to show off your skills 💻.

10. Do yard work

One of the best jobs for 10 year olds is to do yard work🤑🤑. Doing yard work teaches responsibility and provides great exercise!

Start by mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or pulling weeds. If you have the right tools and know what you’re doing, this can be a great job for 10 year olds to make some extra money🤑🤑.

How To Get Started?🙇

You can start by asking your neighbors if they need any help with their yard work. This is a great way to get your name out there and start building up a client base. 

After that, you can start offering your services on websites like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit. You can also post flyers in your neighborhood letting people know that you’re available to do yard work

11. YouTube / TikTok content creator

Another option to make money as a 10-year-old is becoming a content creator on Youtube or TikTok. This job could be your ideal option if you love shooting videos 📹 and interacting with people 🤝. 

You must be creative, and consistent, and produce content that people will enjoy watching. To start earning cash, you could post sponsored content or use affiliate links to promote products and services.🤑🤑

Also, companies may reach out to you directly or via influencer marketing networks if they believe your content has enough influence.🤑 You can even create your own merchandise and sell it online.🤑🤑🤑

Regardless of which way you choose to monetize, it’s important to remember that producing content takes time and effort. So, make sure to plan carefully before getting started and do something that you enjoy.😃😃🤑

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • First, think about an interesting topic you can discuss anytime, anywhere. 
  • Then, take out your camera, capture quality content, and post 📷. 
  • Once you get a decent amount of views and subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel. You can do this by partnering with sponsors, becoming an affiliate, or selling advertising space. 

12. Voiceover actor

If you can imitate voices of diverse things, voiceover acting can be an excellent job for you 🎤. 

Child voiceover actors are especially in demand. Voiceover actors provide the voice to a character or narrator in radio, television and film productions💲💲. They are also needed for video game characters, internet videos, commercials and more.

Voiceover acting requires strong vocal abilities and an emotional range to bring characters to life 🤗

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • First, record a few audios in different genres to build your portfolio 🎤.
  • Then, promote your services on social media or freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
  • Apply for relevant jobs.

13. Dog walker

Did you know dog walker 🦮🚶 is actually a profession? Yes, it is. 

If you love spending time with dogs, you can make a significant amount of money out of it 🤑🤑. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

You can become a dog walker by joining a professional organization that specializes in the care of dogs. 

These organizations will provide you with training and resources to help ensure that you are providing the highest level of care for your canine charges. You can also choose to volunteer with local animal shelters or rescue organizations, where you can learn more about dog walking. 

14. Tutor 

Even if you’re 10, you can make money tutoring your classmates or helping younger students in the neighborhood with their homework. You can also put up flyers in your local library, grocery store, and other places of business to advertise your services💰🤑. 

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can make a decent amount of money tutoring students.

How To Get Started? 🙇

You can ask parents in your neighborhood if they need any help with their children’s homework or if they know anyone who does. You can also advertise your services in local newspapers, online, or on social media.

15. Fence painter

Fence painting is one of the easiest jobs for 10-year-olds that pays reasonably well 💰🤑.

Painters generally make about $18 an hour. But as a 10-year-old, you can expect lower than that till you gain enough experience and polish your skills 🖌️🎨. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • First, enhance your painting skills by painting rough fences and houses 🏠.
  • Then, buy necessary supplies ⚒️, including a ladder 🪜 and paints 🎨. 
  • Finally, promote your services online and offline word-of-mouth.


Jobs for 10 year olds can be online or offline. 🤑🤑

It’s up to you to decide what type of job you want to do. If you are creative and have the skills, there are many online jobs that can make good money. You could start your own blog or create videos for YouTube. 

So don’t waste any more time and start earning money from today 💰💰💰!

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