15 Fun Jobs For 14 Year Olds That Pay Well

Once you become a teenager, you can start looking for paying jobs. Some of the best-paying jobs for 14 year olds include dog walking, babysitting, tutoring, lawn mowing, etc 💲. 

Working at an early age can benefit your pocket-money and develop a sense of responsibility. 

Let’s check out 15 creative and fun jobs for 14-year-olds that will help you achieve your money goals 💸.

Jobs that pay well for 14 year olds 

Here are some jobs that 14-year-olds can do to make money. 📢 

1. Take surveys

Once you come home from school, you can take surveys online to make some extra cash. You can sign up for websites that let you answer questions, give your opinion on products or services, and get paid for them🧠🧠. 

Companies need your feedback to improve their products and services, and they’re willing to pay you for it.

Such surveys are usually short, so you can take as many as possible in your free time. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

The first step is to find a survey website that you trust and like. Look for reviews from people who have already tried it, and ensure the site is safe and secure. Once you find the right website, you’ll need to create an account and provide basic information about yourself. 🧠🧠. 

We recommend starting with Survey Junkie as they are legit, easy to use, and pay you directly in cash 💵 through Paypal. 

The amount of money you make from surveys depends on the number of surveys you take, the type of survey, and the amount paid for each survey.💰

2. Play games 

Did you know you can earn money for playing games? 🎮 There are a variety of websites and mobile apps that offer you chances to earn rewards by playing games. 

You can play on your own or join tournaments to compete against other players.

The games range from trivia and word puzzles to action-packed adventures. You can also compete against other gamers in tournaments for cash prizes 🤑 

Swagbucks is a great platform to start making money by playing games right by sitting on your couch. The games are usually shorter ones, completed within a few minutes. But they’re super-fun. 🎮💸 You can win prizes like gift cards, cash, and more. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

First, you have to sign up on Swagbucks. Then, choose the games you’re interested in. Play your chosen games to make money🤑🤑!

Get paid in direct cash through Paypal with your gift cards or prepaid Visa cards 💳; it all depends on you. 

3. Review music for money 

It’s amazing how you can make money listening to music!💸💸 

Nowadays, there are plenty of job opportunities for music lovers. Companies hire people to review different songs and albums, which can help them improve their services. You get paid for your honest opinion and can make a decent side income.💸💸. 

The sites reward you with either points or money for your time and effort. You can generally make more money by reviewing music if you understand the genre well. 

One such website is Branded Surveys. The website offers you the chance to share your opinion on music, movies, and television shows for cash.

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • Simply sign up on the website.
  • Listen to a song.
  • Fill out a survey-like form related to different aspects of the song. It will take only a few minutes to help you earn some bucks 💸🤑. 

4. Read emails 

If you have some free time, you can read emails and get paid for it. Certain companies pay people to read their emails and give their opinion. This is a great way to make some extra money from home. 💸💸

The emails range from marketing emails to customer satisfaction surveys, and you can make money for each one📧. The amount of money you get depends on the company and the length of the email. You can sign up for websites like Inbox Dollars and Cash Crate to get paid for reading emails.📧 

Be sure to read the fine print before signing up for one of these programs. 📋

How To Get Started? 🙇

This is how it works: 

  • You sign up for a service that sends you emails to read from different companies. 
  • Once you open an email, you’ll be paid a certain amount of money, usually between $0.01 and $0.03 per email. 💰💰

Some legit websites that pay for reading emails include Inbox Pays and InboxDollars

5. Watch videos 

Another fun job for 14-year-olds is watching videos to earn money while sitting on their couches 🛋️. It’s a fun way to make your leisure time productive without much effort.

You will have to watch advertisements, trailers, and product reviews📽️📽️.

The reason companies pay you for this activity is to increase their brand awareness. You will be rewarded with points, which can later be exchanged for cash. All you have to do is watch the videos, click a few buttons, and make some extra money.

How To Get Started? 🙇

  • All you have to do is sign up on a legit site like Swagbucks.📽️📽️. 
  • Then, sign up by providing your name and email address and get in. 

6. Browse the web 

Did you ever think you could make money by browsing the web? You can! There are a number of cash-rewards programs that let you earn money by simply using the internet. 

The company that pays you for browsing the web benefits by getting data about your online activities. 

All you have to do is install their browser extension and start browsing the web. As you browse, you are automatically tracked and rewarded for the time you spend on certain websites💲💲💲.

With Brave, you can easily earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) 🪙, a unique cryptocurrency just for browsing the web 💻.

If you want to enter the crypto market, this is a great way to start. You’ll also be rewarded for watching ads and participating in surveys. Plus, Brave puts your privacy first, keeping you safe from malicious tracking and ads. So the next time you are browsing the web, remember that you can be earning money💲💲. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Simply download Brave and start browsing. 

You just have to use the Brave browser instead of your usual one. That’s it! You will earn rewards in real-time just for viewing ads while you browse like you normally would. 💰

The more time you spend browsing online, the more money you’ll get in your pocket! 🤑

7. Theater usher

One of the best jobs for 14 year olds is being a theater usher🤑🤑. As a theater usher, you can help with seating guests and helping them to find their way around the theater. 

You may also help clean up after the show and help collect tickets. This is a great job for those with an interest in theater and performance, as it allows you to gain experience within the industry. 

Additionally, this job can help you earn some extra money in the summer and provide you with a chance to meet new people🤑🤑. Although it’s a part-time job, it can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Go to a local theater or performing arts venue and ask about any opportunities for ushering. You may also be able to apply online, so make sure to check their website for any available positions. 

Be prepared to provide a resume and work evenings and weekends, as most shows are during these times. It’s also a good idea to dress professionally when applying for the job. Once you get the position, be sure to show up on time and do your best work. It’s important to be polite and helpful to any customers who come in. 

8. Start a blog 

Do you want to make money through your writing skills?💲 Blogging is a great way to accomplish this💲. 

Blogging won’t give you money right away. You may have to blog consistently for a year or more to start making a few bucks. But over time, your hard work will surely pay off 💰💰!

How To Get Started? 🙇

The good news is that setting up a blog is surprisingly easy. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Choose a blogging platform💻. There are a variety of blogging platforms available, such as WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad.
  • Choose a domain name for your blog🔤. This should be something that is easy to remember and reflects the content of your blog.
  • Select a web hosting service💻, such as Bluehost. It will let you store your blog on the internet and make it accessible to visitors.
  • Design your blog🎨. You can either use a free template or hire a designer to create an original design for your blog.
  • Write content📝. Now, it’s time to start writing blog posts. Make sure your content is interesting and relevant to your readers.
  • Promote your blog📣. You can use social media, email marketing, and other promotional tactics to get more people to read your blog.

Once you fully organize your website and add enough content, you’ll be able to attract more traffic and start making money. You can also add ads and affiliate links to earn more 💰💰💰.

The key 🔑 to making the most out of this job is to be consistent with your content publishing. Also, stay fun and creative 😋!

9. Car washing 

One of the simplest jobs for 14 year olds is car washing. This is a great job for kids, as it does not require any special skills or tools and the pay can be very competitive for such a basic task. 🤑

Car washing is a great way to earn extra money as it tends to attract repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.🤑🤑🤑

How To Get Started? 🙇

You can ask your neighbors if they want their cars washed. Once you get your first few clients you can use word of mouth to spread the news that you offer car washing services. 

Plus, advertise your services. You can do this through online classifieds such as Craigslist or by word of mouth.🤑

10. Design logos on Fiverr

Do you want to work as a professional logo designer💻? Fiverr is a great platform to start or develop your career. 

You don’t need any prior experience to work on Fiverr as a logo designer- you just need the creative skills and a portfolio of your work. Fiverr allows you to create your own portfolio and showcase your skills to potential clients who are seeking logo design services.

You can choose the basic packages that include a certain number of revisions and designs, or you can customize a package according to the requirements of your clients.

Depending on the complexity of the logo design project and the number of revisions, you can set your rates accordingly.🤑🤑

You can create a profile and start designing logos for clients who are looking for a professional logo designer. Plus, you can provide services such as logo concept design, logo redesign, logo vectorization, and business card design.

How To Get Started?🙇

The first step is to see which logos are famous among the recruiters. Then, design similar types of logos for a made-up company 💻.

Over time, you can build up your portfolio, gain customer feedback and increase your rates as you get more experienced. You can always customize the package for bigger clients and work with them on a more lengthy basis📢📢.

11. Do yard work

One of the best jobs for 14 year olds is to do yard work🤑🤑. 

You can help your neighbors or family members with gardening and landscaping tasks such as weeding, mulching, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, pruning trees and shrubs, and planting flowers.🤑🤑.

How To Get Started?🙇

You can start by asking your neighbors if they need any help with their yard work. This is a great way to get your name out there and start building up a client base. 

After that, you can start offering your services on websites like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit. You can also post flyers in your neighborhood letting people know that you’re available to do yard work

12. YouTube / TikTok content creator

Another option to make money as a 14-year-old is becoming a content creator on Youtube or TikTok

The online video-sharing platform provides opportunities for teens to create videos on virtually any topic and monetize it. 

If you are creative, have a unique perspective, and can come up with engaging content, this is a great way to make money as a teen. You can also find sponsors and promote their products through your videos.  

With a bit of luck, you can even become an internet celebrity and enjoy the fame that comes with it.📷📷

How To Get Started? 🙇

Create an account on YouTube or TikTok and start creating content that your followers will find engaging. You can also connect with other content creators in the same niche and collaborate to increase your reach📷📷.

Once you have a large enough following, you can start monetizing your content. It could include brand deals, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing links, or even charging for ad space. 📷

13. Grocery bagger

As a 14-year-old, you can find a job as a grocery bagger💰. Grocery baggers are responsible for packing items into bags, carrying the bags to customers’ cars, and placing them in their vehicles. You can find work at any store that sells groceries and you don’t need any special qualifications or skills. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Go to your local grocery store and fill out an application. If the store is hiring, they may ask you to come in for an interview before making a decision. If you’re hired, you’ll start off with basic tasks such as stocking shelves and bagging groceries💰. 

14. Tutor 

Even if you’re 14, you can make money tutoring your classmates or helping younger students in the neighborhood with their homework. You can also put up flyers in your local library, grocery store, and other places of business to advertise your services💰🤑. 

You can teach music lessons to people who want to learn an instrument. Or, you can teach subjects like math and science. 

If you’re willing to put in the work, you can make a decent amount of money tutoring students.

How To Get Started? 🙇

Go online and find a tutoring website or app that you can sign up for. Most of these apps will require you to submit an application and take a short test to demonstrate your knowledge. Once you’re approved, you can start tutoring students and setting up your rates. 

You can also reach out to your local schools and ask if they have any tutoring programs available.

15. Pet sitting 

Pet Sitting is a fun job in which you can provide companionship and care to animals while their owners are away💰🤑. You will be responsible for feeding, exercising, grooming, and playing with the animals in your care. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Ask people in your neighborhood if they want someone to take care of their pets. If someone has long working hours or is going on a trip, you should ask them since they’ll definitely need a pet sitter. 


Jobs for 14 year olds can be a great way to earn money while gaining valuable life experience🤑. First, consider what skills you have and explore jobs that utilize those skills. 

If you don’t have any special skills, look for odd jobs such as gardening, pet-sitting, or tutoring💰. Tutoring is an especially great way for 14 year olds to make money as it allows them to use their knowledge to help others while earning a decent wage.

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