15 Fun Jobs For 19 Year Olds That Pay Well

19 year olds are old enough to find work and start earning money, as well as to responsibly manage their finances. 

They may decide to pursue an education or begin working full-time. If they continue their education, they may decide to pursue a degree or certificate in a field related to their interests. 💰💰 

You can also start driving and getting your own car. That means that you will have more freedom to go where you want, when you want. 

As a result, there will be more opportunities for you to make money🤝. 

Jobs that pay well for 19 year olds 💰💰

There are many jobs that are suitable and well paying for 19 year olds. Some of the most popular jobs include retail, hospitality, customer service, food service, and transportation. 🚗 

Retail jobs can include working in a store, helping customers find what they need, stocking shelves and taking inventory.💸💸. 

If you are lucky enough to live in a place with a higher minimum wage, you can look for higher paying jobs. 

Here are some of the best jobs for 19 year olds that pay well💸:

1. Take surveys

Survey sites have become a popular way to earn extra money online.🧠 Taking surveys is an easy way to make a few dollars in your free time. 💸💸

A survey is basically a research study conducted by a company that pays people to complete surveys and answer questions. Many companies use survey data to improve products, services, and customer satisfaction.

19 year olds can sign up for survey sites and start taking surveys to earn extra cash. 🤑

There are many survey sites available, and they usually offer different rewards in exchange for your opinion. Some of the most popular survey sites include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars and more. 💸💸. 

These survey sites have thousands of surveys for you to choose from, and the rewards vary from cash to gift cards. 🎁🎁 The amount of money you can earn depends on how many surveys you take and how much effort you put into it

So instead of watching TV or browsing the internet, why not make some extra money? 💰🤑

How To Get Started? 🙇

The first step is to search for legitimate survey websites that pay. We recommend starting with Survey Junkie as they are legit, easy to use, and pay you directly in cash 💵 through Paypal. 

The amount of money you make from surveys depends on the number of surveys you take, the type of survey, and the amount paid for each survey.💰

2. Play games 

If you have a passion for gaming, there are many sites that allow you to play games and earn money. Some gaming sites even offer tournaments with real cash prizes. You can also create your own gaming channel and monetize it with ads.🎮

💰 You can play online slots, bingo, blackjack, and other casino games for real money. 🎰 

While you won’t get rich playing games, it’s a great way to pass some time and make a few extra bucks in the process. Just be sure to set limits so that it doesn’t become an addiction. 🤝👏 

The games range from trivia and word puzzles to action-packed adventures. It’s best to research each company to make sure it’s legitimate before signing up. 🤑 

Swagbucks is a great platform to start making money by playing games right by sitting on your couch. The games are usually shorter ones, completed within a few minutes. But they’re super-fun. 🎮💸

How To Get Started? 🙇

Go to Swagbucks and sign up for a free account. 🤝 Take some time to explore the site and read about how it works. 🧐 Once you understand how it works, you can start earning money by completing surveys and playing games. 🤑 

Get paid in direct cash through Paypal with your gift cards or prepaid Visa cards 💳; it all depends on you. 

3. Review music for money 🎵🎵

The internet is a great platform for musicians to showcase their music and get feedback from fans. 🎤🎧 You can help these musicians by reviewing their music and giving them your honest opinion. 🤝

The idea is that by sharing your thoughts, you help them create better music. 🎼 Plus, many of these reviews can even earn you money! 

One website that lets you earn money for reviewing music is Branded Surveys. They offer cash in exchange for writing reviews about music, movies and other products. 💵 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Go to the website and create a free account. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to browse available music reviews and start earning money. 💰

You can also join music communities and forums to find people who need reviews. 🔍 There you can chat with other music enthusiasts and discover new tunes on the way. Other websites you can use to review music for money include Slicethepie, Songtrust and Fiverr. 🖥

4. Read emails 

Since there are so many companies out there trying to get your attention, they need people to read their emails and give feedback. 📩 You can make money by just reading emails and providing your honest opinion.

The great thing is that they will pay you for this feedback. All you have to do is check your emails regularly and answer the surveys they send out. 

Pay can range from a few cents per email to more, depending on the company you’re working for. 💰

How To Get Started? 🙇

To start earning money by reading emails, you will first need to sign up with a paid email service. Some legit websites that pay for reading emails include Inbox Pays and InboxDollars.💰💰 

 These sites will give you access to emails that you can read and review in exchange for cash.💰💰.

5. Watch videos 

Do you love watching videos online? 📹 Well, here’s some good news – you can get paid to watch videos! 🤑 

The work is pretty simple – all you need to do is find videos that are created by companies and watch them. Once you’ve done so, you can submit your feedback and get paid! 💰 You can do this from the comfort of your own home, meaning you don’t need to leave the house to make money. 

Many websites offer cash rewards for watching videos online. 💰 Swagbucks is a great platform to start with – all you have to do is register, watch videos and earn points that you can exchange for cash. 💵 

Other sites like InboxDollars also offer rewards for watching videos, visiting websites and playing games. 💰 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Look for a website that offers rewards for watching videos and sign up. Once registered, you’ll start receiving emails with video clips to watch. After watching each video, you’ll be paid a certain amount in rewards. 💰💸

6. Browse the web 

Brave is a browser that helps you take back control of your data while you browse the web. It blocks third-party ads, trackers and other intrusive content, giving you a faster, safer and more private browsing experience.🌐 

It also comes with built-in tools to manage your passwords, shop smarter and stay secure while you browse. Brave also features advanced security and privacy measures, such as support for private browsing with Tor, protection against phishing and malicious websites, HTTPS Everywhere and more. 

With Brave, you can be sure your data is safe and secure while you browse the web. 🔐 

On top of that, you can earn money while you browse with Brave Rewards. You can tip your favorite content creators, support their work and get rewarded for it. 💰

How To Get Started? 🙇

Start by downloading the Brave browser and signing up for a free account. Once you’re registered, start using it to browse the web as usual. You’ll earn BAT tokens for every ad you watch and survey you take.

You can also choose to automatically donate your BAT earnings to various websites, creators and content producers.💰

7. Customer service representative 

One of the best jobs for 19 year olds is becoming a customer service representative🙇. Customer service reps are essential to any business, as they help customers find what they need and answer any questions they may have about a product or service. 

They are able to provide prompt, courteous customer service while handling complaints and dealing with difficult customers.🤝🤝 They create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers, help build customer loyalty, and contribute to overall sales.💰💰

Customer service reps must possess strong communication skills to effectively convey information to customers. Plus, they should have a good knowledge of the product or services being offered. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

You can start by applying for customer service positions at local businesses.

Or, look up customer service jobs online and apply directly to companies, or through staffing agencies. Training is usually done on the job, so your experience and skills are not as important as a willingness to learn. 🤝

8. Barista 🥤

Baristas typically work in cafes and coffee shops, making espresso drinks and other beverages 🥤 for customers. 

Your job will involve preparing drinks, taking orders and making sure customers are happy with their purchase. To be successful, you must possess good customer service skills, be able to work quickly and accurately, have a good understanding of coffee beverages 🍹, and be familiar with the equipment used to make specialty drinks.

On top of taking orders, baristas are responsible for the cleanliness and organization of their workspace. 

They must be sure that all equipment is properly cleaned and restocked before the start of each shift. On busier days, baristas may also be responsible for taking food orders and running them to customers. 

And the best part is that you can make good money as a barista, with some employers offering up to $15 an hour. Some places where you can find barista jobs include Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and local coffee shops. 🤝

How To Get Started? 🙇

You should first check with local coffee shops and cafes to see if they are hiring. They may require you to have some experience, but it is usually not a requirement🥤. You should also practice making coffee drinks at home to get a better sense of what is involved in the job.

9. Delivery driver 🚗 🚗 

It could be anything from food to groceries, packages and beyond. For example, Instacart and Amazon Flex both hire delivery drivers to deliver groceries and other items. 🛒 

The job itself is rather straightforward: pick up orders from a specific location, deliver them to customers’ doorsteps, and collect payment🎶.

You should be prepared for the job by having a working vehicle, valid driver’s license and insurance, and basic knowledge of your local area. You will also need to be comfortable driving for long periods of time, as some delivery jobs can keep you on the road for hours at a time. 

How To Get Started? 🙇

If you want to start working as a delivery driver or barista, the best way to get started is to simply start looking for jobs in your area and apply. 📝 

You can also use job search sites like Indeed or Glassdoor to filter the results by location, pay and hours so you can find something that fits your needs. 🔎 

10. Design logos on Fiverr

Another great way to make money is by designing logos. You can use platforms like Fiverr to find clients looking for logo designs. 🤑

The key to success in this is having a portfolio of work that you can present to potential clients. If you have an eye for design, this could be an attractive option for you. 🤩 Remember, a great logo can be the difference between success and failure for any business!

How To Get Started?🙇

It’s free to create a Fiverr account and start offering your services. Once registered, you can set up a gig and start offering logo design services to clients worldwide.🤑

Once you’ve established a good reputation, you can start increasing your prices and make more money. You can also offer additional services such as web design and other graphic design services. 💻

11. Grocery store cashier 

One of the best jobs for 19 year olds is a grocery store cashier 🛒. Grocery stores are always looking for young workers to help with customer service and checkout duties. 

Your responsibility as a cashier is to scan items, greet customers, answer their questions, and handle payments. 💰 Most grocery stores pay anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour. 🤑 

You’ll need to have basic math and customer service skills as a cashier. You should also be comfortable using technology such as scanners, credit card machines, and printers. Working as a grocery store cashier is great for those who thrive on customer interaction and like working in a fast-paced environment.🤩 

Plus, you can often get discounts and other perks when you work at a grocery store. 🤩 

You don’t need any qualifications or prior experience to be hired as a cashier. All you need is a friendly attitude and willingness to learn. 

How To Get Started?🙇

Look for local grocery stores that are hiring cashiers. You can also check out job boards and search for cashier related postings. Once hired, you can start working and learn the ropes of being a grocery store cashier🤞 💰💵. 

12. YouTube / TikTok content creator

Do you have a passion for making videos? 📹 If so, you can create content on YouTube or TikTok and make money by monetizing your videos. 🤑 

Both YouTube and TikTok offer a variety of options for monetizing videos, including Google AdSense, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. 💰 

To become a successful content creator, you’ll need to have creative ideas, produce interesting videos, and build an engaged audience. There are no set hours for creating content, so it’s up to you to manage your time and stay motivated. 💪 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Go to YouTube’s Creator Academy or TikTok’s Creator Program to get started. They provide tutorials and resources that will help you create a successful channel and make money. 

You can also join online communities of content creators to get help and advice from experienced creators. 🤝 Good luck! 🍀

13. Call center representative 

One of the many jobs for 19 year olds is a call center representative. As a call center rep, your job is to answer phone calls from customers and provide them with the assistance they need.

You will be responsible for helping customers troubleshoot technical issues, answering questions about products and services, and processing orders. 🤖 Most call centers pay between $10 and $15 an hour.

You can work at a call center for a company, or even freelance and work remotely from home. 🏡 

How To Get Started? 🙇

Look for a call center job online or in your local area. Apply to a few positions and you could be on your way to making some extra money. 💰 

14. Voiceover actor🎤

Have you always wanted to be an actor? 🤩 Well, now you can with voiceover acting. Voiceover actors provide voices for commercials, video games, cartoons, and other types of media. 📹 

You can do it right from your home! 🏡 Voiceover acting is a great option for 19 year olds who are looking to break into the entertainment industry without having to leave their home.

How To Get Started? 🙇

You’ll need to do your research to find out what type of voiceover work is available and who the key players are in your market.🎤

Suppose you’re interested in doing commercial voiceover work. 📣 Start by studying the type of copy that is used in commercials and practice reading it out loud. Then start reaching out to casting directors and agencies. 🗣 

They’ll be able to help you find work and give you advice on how to succeed as a voiceover actor.

15. Start a blog 

Young entrepreneurs have plenty of options when it comes to making money. One option is to start a blog. 💻 

It’s pretty simple to set up a blog and start making money. WordPress is a popular platform for setting up blogs, as it’s easy to use and there are plenty of themes available. 💻

You can create content on any topic you want and share your opinions and stories with readers. You can monetize your blog by adding ads or affiliate links to your posts. 🤑

How To Get Started? 🙇

Set up hosting for your blog. It will be the platform that stores all of your blog’s content and makes it accessible on the web. Bluehost is an affordable platform that you can easily integrate with WordPress.🧑‍💼.

Then, begin designing your blog. Choose a theme, pick colors, and create pages like an “About” page or contact page. 🤔

You don’t need any experience to get started, but it will help if you have some knowledge in the topic you are writing about. 🤩 


19 is an old-enough to start making money. There are plenty of ways to do so, from creating a blog to setting up an online shop. Start by researching potential options and picking the one that suits you best.🤞🏼  

Whatever job you choose, make sure it’s something you enjoy doing so your effort will pay off. 🤩

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