Find Pawn Shops Near Me: Best Things To Pawn in 2023

Whether you’ve visited pawn shops before or are new to the world of pawning, we’ll take you through the top places to sell or pledge items for cash. Before you locate ‘pawn shops near me and head out with your item, it is best to know which items can get you the best deals. 🤝🤝

It’s all about the demand; the high-demand items can fetch more bucks, while those with little to no market demand do not.💲💲

So, why not sell out a few unwanted items around the house for some extra cash? 💵💲

What is a pawn shop?🏪🤔

Pawn shops are one of the oldest businesses that, to date, are considered unwarranted. They offer loans against certain collateral to individuals who otherwise cannot access banks or acquire loans due to stringent credit policies. The collateral could be electronics, jewelry, furniture, or firearms.📺📱

However, the downside is that pawnbrokers charge you incredible interest and fees for the cash loan. Plus, you get only around 20-50% of the item’s selling price.😨👎

Nonetheless, if you’re ever short on cash or need extra bucks to meet general expenses, you must head to the nearest local pawn shop. 💲💵

Pawn shops are

  • Regulated by national and state laws 🏦
  • Listing and rating by the Better Business Bureau🏣🏛️
  • Guided by the National Pawnbrokers Association🏛️
  • You can also look up Yelp for reviews from customers who dealt with the pawn shop near you.🌐🌐

How do pawn shops work?🤔🧐

After you locate ‘pawn shops near me and take the items there to sell, the pawn broker will first appraise them. They assign a certain value to it based on its condition and the price the pawnbroker thinks they can fetch. 💵💲

Some brokers also base the price on their recent sales, experience, other research methods, and the market rates for gold, silver, and other gemstones and precious metals.💎🗿

Once the item is apprised, the pawnbroker will give you a short-term loan against the value. If you can repay the loan quickly, you will get your collateral item back. Else the pawnbroker may keep or sell it.📜💵

You can also directly sell your product in pawn shops instead of pawning it against the loan.💲💲

Pawn shops vs. banks🏦💰

Many favor pawnshops as they offer instant cash against items you have no use for. So instead of trying to sell them off the market, you can simply take them to the pawnbroker and get them apprised and sold faster. ⏩💵

If you need a loan, you can place your item as collateral. You usually get 30 to 60 days to pay off the loan. 📆🗓️

While there’s a complete process of applying for a loan at a bank: You need to have a clear credit history, employment, or source of income to assure the bank that you’ll be able to pay back the loan, and then other formalities also need to be completed.🧑‍💼📜

So the process is long and not quite hassle-free.😥

Hence, pawn shops are favored for short-term loans without credentials or background checks.✅✅

Other benefits of choosing a pawn shop are:👍👍

  • You get your money fast and easy💵💲
  • Payment is made within 24 hours🕑
  • There’s no credit check or co-signer required📝📝
  • Pawn loans do not affect your credit rating👩‍💻👨‍💻
  • There are no hidden charges or fees 🙃👍
  • You have the right to agree or not agree to the price😌😌
  • You can apply for multiple loans at a time📜📜

Disadvantages of getting Pawn Shops are:👎❎

  • The interest rate is way high📈☝️
  • You only receive a fraction of the value of the item. You can get more if you can visit jewelry shops instead and can wait to sell it off.👎📉

What are the best things to pawn 💎🎮

While pawn shops are great for selling items you don’t need for money, it’s best to know about the most demanded items first. If you get them the right and most high-in-demand items from your home, you have a high chance of landing the best deals. 👍✅

Here’s a list of the top items you can pawn in 2022 for hard cash.💵💵

1. Firearms🔫🔫

Handguns, rifles, and other firearms are the best to sell off at pawn shops. Since it is a very highly demanded item, pawn shops are ready to buy these items instantly. However, make sure you take the ID and be prepared to fill in a few forms at the shop. 💳📜

2. Flat screen TV🖥️

The latest your model, the more money you can bag for the flat screen. However, the demand is high for flatscreens; don’t you dare take the obsolete box TV models to the pawn shops. Since nobody uses them anymore, you won’t be able to get anything for them (except some mocking comments.)📺❌

3. Video game consoles🎮🎮

The best video game consoles to take to the pawn shop are Xbox consoles, PS4 and PS5, Nintendo, SNES, Gamecube, Atari, etc.🎮✅

4. Laptops and personal computers💻🖥️

Laptops that still work despite getting slow or obsolete can do well at the pawn shop. Make sure you reset them to factory settings and clean the screen before you take them in.👨‍💻👩‍💻

5. Digital cameras📷📸

DSLRs, compact cameras, mirrorless, bridge, and action cameras like GoPro are also quite highly demanded products at Pawn shops.💸

6. Bikes🚴🚲

Different bikes, like road bikes, BMX, and mountain bikes, are also top-selling products at pawn shops. So if you have a bike in reasonable condition, you can always take it in for some cash at the pawn shop.🚲🚲

7. Designer bags👜💼

Designer bags, purses, and wallets, too, sell well and are considered luxury items. You can take your old Loius Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, and Pradas to get them pawned for good cash. However, the broker will check the bag’s condition before quoting a price.🎒👜

8. Jewelry and gemstones📿💍

Gold, silver, and platinum jewels are also highly dealt with in pawn shops. The brokers are experienced and knowledgeable about the rates, quality, and price of these valuable metals and also loose diamonds and gemstones such as 💎♦️

  • Rubies♦️♦️
  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires 
  • Oval, Asscher, marquise, emerald, and princess cut diamonds💎
  • Round brilliant diamonds💍

They are happy to keep them as collateral for loaning you cash.😁👍

Best places to find pawn shops🌏📍

Some pawn shops will get you higher deals, while others may try to negotiate and have you settle for less. The location and the kind of area they are in are very important. Like, if they are located in a busy area, they may be the right choice for getting the best prices.💵💲

Since more people are likely to step in, the resale will be fast, so they’ll be able to provide fast service and offer better rates. Whereas those pawn shops in remote rural areas will not get you as good a deal. Here’s our list of the top places to pawn your items in the US.🌏🌏

1. Pawn America🌏📍

Pawn America is the largest chain of pawn shops in the US. It has stores all over the US and also offers online services. You can look up the website and buy different products listed in categories.💍💎👜

However, you can pawn or sell your products only by visiting the physical stores. Its leading stores are in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The following items can get you good bucks here:💵💲

  • Electronics💻
  • Video games🎮
  • Musical instruments🎸🎷
  • Tools, etc.🔧🔨

2. Pawngo🌏

This is an excellent place for getting loans by placing your items as collateral. The outlets are spread all over the 50 states and provide service for selling or pledging items such as🏬🏬

  • Luxury bags and watches👛⌚
  • Jewelry💍
  • Gold, diamond, and precious gems💎💎
  • Luxury cars🏎️🏎️
  • Yachts🚢⛴️
  • Real estate🏗️
  • Aircraft ✈️🛩️

Just log on to the website and make a post, placing clear photos of your item and other details. Then wait for the team to review your item and offer its price. 

You don’t even have to visit the pawnshops. Just pack and ship the item to the designated location, and upon receipt, you can get your wire transfer.📨💲

3. PawnGuru💲🙇‍♂️

At PawnGuru, too, you can sell or pawn old items for cash. However, the most significant advantage of this place is that it gives you multiple offers for the same product from different brokers. So you are in a better position to bargain your price.💵💲

A Fintech Startup, Pawnguru gets you the best deals in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is signup and give details about the item you are pawning, its condition, etc. You just have to make a free post on the site, and you’ll get the offers directly from different brokers via DMs and email. 📩📨

Simply select the best offer and go into the nearest shop to get your money.💲💵

The Pawnguru shops are located in over 40 cities across the states. Find more about pawn shops near me here.📍🌏

5. Best Collateral💵💲

Best Collateral provides easy money offers without background or credit checks. You can also buy items online on their website, like electronics, watches, laptops, etc.⌚💻

Other great items to pawn here include 🤑🤑

  • Musical instruments like the Fender guitar🎸
  • Bicycle🚴
  • TVs📺
  • DVD and stereo equipment🔊🔊

6. Rocky’s Pawn Shop🪨🛍️

If you’re in California and look up ‘pawn shop near me,’ you will likely find Rocky’s Pawn Shop on your map. They provide services like collateral loans, handbag authentication checks, other retail sales, etc.👜💰

It is the best place to sell and get great deals on items like🤑💲

  • Diamonds and jewelry💲💎
  • Electronics🖥️💻
  • Silver and gold📿
  • Tools🔨🔧
  • Vehicles, etc.🚗🚘

7. USA Pawn and Jewelry💍🤑

For Arizona and Oregon, USA Pawn and Jewelry stores are available for selling or pawning your items for cash loans. The items that sell well at USA pawn and jewelry stores include💲💎

  • Computers💻🖥️
  • Phones📲
  • Jewelry💍💍
  • Sportsgoods⛷️⚾🎾
  • Games and gaming equipment🎮🕹️
  • Other electronics🔌💡

8. Pawn King👑👑

Pawn King is great, with excellent customer service and quick loan facilities. The place offers loans against pledging up to $1,000,000!🤑💵

It is a family business with shops near Illinois and Iowa. One unique benefit of this place is that you can also avail of the service via their app. 📱

Other places to find pawn shops near me include

  • Cash America Pawn
  • EZ Pawn,
  • First Cash Pawn

Things you can pawn for $500🤔💵

When you look up: pawn shops near me and visit a shop, you’ll mostly get bargains between 25% to 60% of your item’s resale price. So to make $500, you need to take in an item worth $835 and $2,000.✅✅

So, items worth this much resale value include:👍

  • Jewelry: Gold, platinum, diamonds, and precious metals.💍⌚
  • Latest Flat Screen TVs: It better be an HD or 4K TV to grab the deal🖥️
  • Collections: Collectable items like vintage band T-shirts and jackets, some toys, stamps, comic books, dolls, coins, etc.👕🎎
  • Firearms: All handguns, rifles, shotguns, and other ammunition guns registered in your name can also make it easy for you to get a $500 loan at pawn shops.🔫🔫
  • iPads and Tablets: Like the flat screens, the latest model of the iPad or tablet, the more money it can get. They’ll check the running condition, so ensure the device is charged and you take along any accessories you may have.💻🖥️
  • Branded Watches: High-end, quality watches are also commonly sold at pawn shops. If you have undamaged branded watches like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Patek Philippe, etc., without damage and box packing, you can get good bucks against it.⌚⌚

Tips and tricks to get the most out of pawn brokers😁🤑

When you go to a pawn shop, you already get a much lower (though faster) deal for your items. So while you’re at it, why not get the best deals? Here are a few tips that’ll help:✅✅

  • Before you go, look up the value of the item you will pawn.🤔💲
  • Items to pawn should be in good condition and clean – if battery operated, ensure they are charged.🔋🔋
  • Never be firm; stay courteous and polite.☺️🤝
  • Try your best to negotiate your best deal; don’t settle for less than the market rates.💵
  • Take along any document or certificate you have for the item.📜📝

Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs about the pawn shops that you’ll find helpful:

How much money can you get for your products at a pawn shop?💲🤔

Selling your household stuff at a pawn shop won’t get you rich overnight. However, it does get you good money and instant sale. Today, over 10,000 pawn shops are functioning as family businesses.😀🧑‍💼

How much interest do pawn brokers charge?🤔🤔

Most pawn brokers charge interest between 12% to 14%. Plus, insurance fees, storage, and other overheads apply. Hence the main objective of many people is to leave the collateral, i.e., forget about ever getting it back.🏆❌

Otherwise, you must be prepared to pay much more than you received as a loan. 💵🆙


As we approach the end of 2022s, a lot has changed in the pawning industry like other things. Today it has become more regulated and is no longer considered a shady place.😎👀

So if you have some items you want to get rid of or need extra money, the pawn shop is the place to go and get instant service and cash against the collateral. Just look up pawn shops near me and sell your products or get hassle-free loans instantaneously.🔎🌏

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