Find a Scrap Yard Near Me [2023 Prices + Complete Guide]

Are you looking to dispose of metal or other recyclables? 🚮♻️

Scrap yards are built for a reason. They offer convenience and a way to make money while decluttering your homes. There are many places you can find on the maps for such facilities. Some even drive up to your place to pick up the junk. 🚗

So pick up your phone and look up: scrap yard near me. Place your zip code, and you’ll get the number of places close to you with scrap facilities.📍🌎

However, to get the best bargain, you also need to know the types of metal and prices and even scavenge bits of value scrap while you’re at it!🤑💲

What is a scrap yard?🤔🤔

Scrap yards are facilities where people dump unwanted scrap metal items for recycling. It works more like a business where the scrap yards buy scrap materials and sell usable items like car parts and accessories.🚗🚘

Many scrap yards also tow vehicles up for scrap to the yard and separate the usable from the unusable parts. Then the unusable metal parts are sold off to metal recycling companies.♻️☑️

So a scrap yard is the place for buying and selling scrap metals for money.♻️🤑

How scrap yards work🧐🤔

Scrap yards are facilities or places to dispose of unwanted items and materials. They collect broken, outdated electronics, cars, and other recyclable materials.🗑️♻️

They are great places for getting rid of large unwanted, and unusable items like cars and bikes and even small items like Christmas lights, wires, or small appliances.📠💡

How to sell metal at scrap yards?🤔💲

You can’t just step out once you look up ‘scrap yard near me’ on your device. Before going to the nearest scrap yard, you must know and be mindful of a few things. Here are a few points that’ll help:☑️☑️


Make sure you do a bit of homework instead of ending up clueless about what to do at the scrap yard. Learn about the types of metals and how to identify them, and make sure to call in advance to ask about any requirements before going there.🤙📲

Some scrap yards may require you to come with your metals sorted and separated. 🧰🧰

Separate your metals⚙️🔩🧰

Most scrap yards don’t give you the time to sort your stuff upon reaching. Before you head out, you must sort and place them yourself. Label each carton according to the metal type and material. 📌⛏️🧰🗜️

If you feel that’s a hassle and dump all your stuff in a bag, you may get the lowest bargain as the price paid usually will be for the cheapest metal in the sack.🧰👎

So sort them according to the categories we discussed above, i.e., ferrous, non-ferrous, and eScrap. Further organize according to the metal category like aluminum, copper, lead, brass, etc.🦿🔩

Look up and call scrap yard near you📌📲

Call the scrap yard first and ask them for details, prices, and pick-up services (especially in case of cars). You may even agree to a price before dropping by the facility, saving time and hassle on reaching the place.💲🤝

Hold off till your pile gets big📦📦📦

To get the best deals, don’t run off to the scrap yard with every few pieces or scrap items you collect. It is best to wait and let your scrap pile load up. That can get you the best bargains, as scrap yards usually sell off the scrap they buy. 💰💰

The more the scrap, the more chances they can sell for better rates and hence offer you a better price.💲💰

Top scrap yards near you📍🌐

If you’ve got metallic crap you want to get rid of (for some extra bucks, of course!) or want to buy usable car parts, etc., at the lowest prices, the scrap yard is the place for you. 

You can find metals like steel, brass, zinc, aluminum, lead, iron, copper, and nickel at the best rates in the yard. 💵💵

Most of these come from the remains of cars, home appliances, and other electronics.💡🔦

Here are our top-ranked places to find scrap yards near you:🏆🏆

1. USCarJunker🚗♻️

Got an old car or vehicle you wish to dump? USCarJunker is where you can easily get hard cash for your vehicles. Famous for its assorted assistance, USCarJunker provides video valuation for the car, so you don’t have to drive (or push) your bunked-up vehicle to the yard.🚗❌

Thousands of cars with different model years are evaluated monthly at this facility. It is known to have the best valuation facility in the market.🚗🏎️

They have very prompt service, and the team is highly professional.👨‍🔧👩‍🔧

All vehicles are evaluated by their AI-based junk car analysis technology, per the industry standards.👨‍💻👩‍💻

2. USScrapYard👩‍🔧🚗

USScrapYard provides swift service and guaranteed offers and has a whole network of scrap yards all over the US. 

You can call them for a valuation, and once the terms are agreed to, the rest of the hassle is on the USScrapYard.🌐📍They provide free pick-up, towing, and fast cash processing.🚗🚐

The best part is there are no hidden charges; all the costs are stated upfront by them.👍

3. Salvage-Parts👨‍🔧⚙️

Another great option is ‘salvage-parts’ where you can buy or sell car parts or junk parts of a truck, bike, and other vehicles. The listing is spread all over the US and Canada. Moreover, it uses real-time price quotes based on vehicle condition, accident history, and driving history.💲💵

4. Scrap Monster👹👹

Another platform with over 50,000 members today is Scrap Monster. The website connects buyers and sellers of the US market via scrap yards near you. You can look up the nearest facility by applying filters like your state and province.🌎🌏

5. U Pull It📂📁

Another place to locate a scrap yard near you is the U Pull It directory. The platform lists details of all car scrap yards nearest to your location and the service you can avail of, like towing, valuation, etc.💲💲

With all the information easily available on click, you can save considerable time searching for each scrap yard individually.⏳⏳

6. Peddle🌐🌐

Peddle is more like a searching place or platform to find junkyards or scrap yards near your home. It also offers firsthand knowledge about scrap yards, which can come in handy if you wish to grab the best deals.🏡🏠

The network is available all over the US, i.e., in all 50 states. 🌎🌏

7. Pull-A-Part👨‍💻👨‍💻

With regular updates, Pull-A-Part is one AI-based platform to find the top scrap yards near you. Plus, the website has a strict policy and only places a scrap yard on its list when it meets certain standards. 👍👍

So it’s a reliable platform for finding scrap yards that facilitate people with fast service, cash processing, and transparency in their businesses.💲💵


If you wish to look for spare parts for your vehicle, then is your trustworthy place. It’s simple and easy to use and lists all kinds of second-hand vehicles and car parts.🚐🚗

The parts are all tested and original and come with a 14-day money-back guarantee in case they fail to work.💵👍

9. AllScrapYards📌🌏

The AllScrapYards, provide services for US and Canadian residents. You just have to sign up and become a member and avail the buying and selling facility at AllScrapYards. Individuals, scrap dealers, scrap yard owners, and even metal exporters connect via the platform and manage their business partners there.👨‍💼👩‍💼

Plus, the scrap metal prices are updated daily here as well.💲📃

10. USSalvageYards🤔

If you wish to get rid of an old car, USSalvageYards is the one place for you. It helps you scrap the vehicle at the best market prices. They provide competitive rates and vehicle comparisons. 📈📊

For selling a car, they provide instant cash and a fast cash transfer facility. Towing and pick-up services are also free.🚚🚚

Scrap metal in scrap yards⚙️🔩

Scrap yards have a lot of materials in the scrap pile. These include damaged and corroded car parts, copper, aluminum, etc. While these come from various home appliances, gadgets, and electronics, cars are the most common product in these yards.📱🔌

Many times, factories and industries also produce metal waste such as bolts, nuts, and screws that are scrapped here.🔩🗜️

Types of scrap metals🔩💰

Scrap metals are divided into three categories:♻️🔩

  • Ferrous🔧
  • Non-ferrous⚒️
  • eScrap📱

1. Ferrous metals🤔🧲🔩

Ferrous metals are those that can stick to a magnet. That includes all your steel items, cast iron pans, etc. These usually grab the low deals amongst other scrap metals.💲⬇️

2. Non-ferrous metals⚒️🧲

Non-ferrous metals are not attracted to magnets and include products made from bronze, aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel. These get you good prices at the scrap yards.💲👍

3. e-scrap metals🥈🍴

Metals such as silver, platinum, and gold constitute the eScrap metals. Such are found inside electronic items such as hard drives, CPUs, etc.🖥️💻

Prices of scrap metals – updated for 2022💲💲

With such uncertainty and inflationary times, the prices of metals (along with everything else) have been fluctuating over the years. However, we did some research and have compiled a list of the top scrap metal prices per their weight (last updated November 2022)🏋️‍♀️💲

Moreover, you can also check for the updated prices at iScrap App.📲📲

Type of Metal🤔🔩Price per Pound💲🏋️‍♀️
Aluminum Scrap$0.48✅
Bare Bright Copper Wire$3.00✅
Brass Shells$1.70✅
Brass Pipe$2.0 ✅
Aluminum Cans$0.43✅
Stainless Steel Breakage$0.20✅
Clean Roofing Copper$2.65✅

Frequently asked questions🤔🤔

Here are some common FAQs relevant to scrap yards and scrap metals.

Which items can you sell at scrap yards?📦📦

There are many items you can sell at scrap yards. Whether you are decluttering and organizing the home, planning a move, or simply wishing to get rid of useless stuff in your home, the scrap yard is a one-stop shop for selling all the junk.💲🤑

The most commonly accepted materials to sell at scrap yards are:✅

  • Brass: Musical instruments like trumpets, bells, radiator and parts, ammunition shells, bed frames, etc.📯🛏️
  • Tin: Bakeware and cookware utensils, etc.🍲🍳
  • Copper: Pans, pots, wires, pipes, light fixtures, coins, etc.💡🥘
  • Aluminum: All aluminum cans, rims, gutters, siding, utensils, and sheets 🗑️
  • Cast Iron: Kettles, iron pans, dutch ovens, pipes, anchors, automobile parts, etc.⚓
  • Steel: Cars, home appliances, steel beams, building materials, etc.🚗
  • Other Items: Cellular Phones, CPU chips, hard drives, etc.📳

What are the best scrap metals to get cash?💲🤑

The most common and valuable items, such as silver, copper, aluminum, and brass, can get you the best bucks of the lot. So if you are in the process of clearing out your attic or basement, look for these items to scrap first.🥈🍽️

Silver is the most expensive metal, so if you have an antique tea set, jewelry, silverware, or even CPU chips, these will get you the best prices.🖥️💻

What’s the difference between a scrap yard and a salvage yard?🤔🤔

Usually, people use both terms ‘salvage yards’ and scrap yards for the same facility. However, there’s a little difference between both.

Scrap yards are only for scrap metals and other materials, whereas salvage yards have a further task besides just keeping or selling scrap metals. They try to salvage any parts, materials, or items from the scrapped items that can be of value. 

They often recoup automotive parts, gas, and oil from the cars to profit from the sale.⛽🛢️ If you have a vehicle to scrap, it would be best to head to a salvage yard instead of a scrap yard for a better deal.✅✅

Do taxes apply on selling scrap metals?📃📜

Since income is generated by selling off your scrap items, they still count as assets. Hence taxes will apply depending on the category of the item. These items also have to be declared on your returns.💲💲

For more information, visit the IRS website and check for scrap metal details.🌐🌐

Which type of car parts are sold at scrap yards?🚗💺

All parts of the vehicles are sold at scrap yards. The only condition is that the part shouldn’t be extensively damaged or beyond repair.😰🙅‍♀️

But you can find automotive parts like headlights, engines, windows, blinkers, seats, taillights, unbroken mirrors, and windshields, etc., at the scrap yards.🚨💺


Scrap yards are located all over different cities, states, provinces, and countries. They are useful facilities for individuals, metal exporters, and scrap dealers. 

Individuals can sell unwanted or useless items, like cars, crockery, metals, etc., or buy used car parts, while companies can get deals on scrap materials and metals. ✅🚗

All you have to do is to look up: scrap yard near me and connect with the nearest scrap facilities in your area. However, ensure you go in prepped with the basic knowledge about the types of metals and how to get the best deals off the market. 💲🤑

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